It is so hard for most people living in our world today to find the help that they need. Everyone seems to be busy. They are much concerned about themselves than their fellow human beings.

Families, friends, colleagues, coworkers, church members, etc. may say they care about you. But giving a helping hand in times of challenges is just like a mere wish.

There is no single being who doesn't need help. But getting the right helper is the problem. Some generous people are believed to be God-sent. However, they are very rare.

As you find yourself reading this post; I pray God listens to your prayers and grant you your heart desires according to his riches and will. Remember this: God is ever ready to help. You only have to get close to him through prayers and fasting. Let your faith grow stronger in him. This will be the genesis of your healing, success, happiness, and salvation.

You Are Not Alone

Understand the simple fact that life is not an easy road for all of us. Even those born silver spoon in their mouths sometimes encounter challenges.

However, the most important thing you need to remember is your attitude. Whiles, you go through hard times you need to develop self-control, patience and persevere until you see the sunlight.

There is no need to complain too much. Just transform your pains into positive energies. Take the right step and surely you will conquer all your problems.

What Might Be Possibly Be Your Problem?

Let's consider some of the commonest troubles we often face. If it is not financial constraints then it might be health disorders, failure, fear rejection, marital problems, etc.

Depression alone kills millions of people in a year. This is a preventable problem. Those who are able to control their emotions are far away from contracting any emotional disorder.

Poverty is swallowing millions of people. We all need money to live a beautiful life. Unemployment is growing at an alarming rate...

You surely have your own problems. You need someone to unload you. The only one who will never disappoint you is God. He has promised to give you a brighter future.

In a situation where you feel like all hope is gone; I recommend reading some Bible verses for encouragement. Your Spirit will feel alive, hopeful and relieved of any discomfort and pains.

The Bible has a whole lot of inspiration for Christian believers. Nothing can inspire more than the word of God.

"Don’t be afraid, for I am with you! Don’t be frightened, for I am your God! I strengthen you – yes, I help you – yes, I uphold you with my saving right hand"( Isaiah 41:10).

If you really want to enjoy the Lord's help, protection and blessings do these:

1. Pray without ceasing
2. Have unwavering faith
3. Obey his commandments

Our friends and loved ones may inspire us in so many different ways; but not as what God can do. He is capable of making the impossible possible.

Author's Bio: 

Anthony Eshun is a devout Christian who has reached out to thousands of people with Bible lessons and inspirational messages. Visit his blog African Paradise World for more insights on how to live a happy life.