I have a wonderful feedback system that really gets my attention. In fact it is so effective that when I overdraw my energetic bank account, it won't allow me to function very well and go further into energetic debt!

It seems that banking practices apply to both your money and finances and your energy. Each activity or area that you put your attention is like spending energy. Now as long as you get something of equal energetic value, then your expenditure is covered.

However, if you expend more than you receive, then you go into debt. For some reason, each expenditure has to be balanced by a deposit from the same category.

Here's an example.

You enjoy making dinner for yourself and your family. It pleases you to use your creativity to make something healthy and sustaining. Doing this activity requires an expenditure of energy in the form of thinking about what you are making, and the physical energy of doing it. Making dinner is a withdrawal from your energetic bank account. Let's assume that you can put a number value on that expenditure of energy of 100.

Everyone eats dinner and thoroughly enjoys the food, the good company and the health sustaining benefits. You feel satisfied, validated and appreciated. You just made a deposit of 100 back to your energetic bank account.

Lets say dinner was not as harmonious as you wanted, people didn't like your food and maybe someone had something unpleasant to bring up during dinner. You don't feel satisfied, validated or appreciated. In fact, you may even feel stressed and unhappier than before you started dinner.

What do you think just happened to your bank account? You may have gone further in debt! The degree of your satisfaction equals the amount of energetic money deposited in your bank account.

What if you have trained yourself to not care about what others think? What if you have decided not to be a 'people pleaser'? What if you made dinner because of the pleasure it gave you and you were hungry and you were happy to share with others in the family. Now you have replaced most or all of the energy you expended in making dinner.

The goal is to offset expenditures so that your energetic bank account does not become overdrawn. Even better would to build up your account so you have a surplus!

You can look at energy bank accounts as if they are a business. You have energy expenses for work, food, entertainment, health, kids and family, travel, supplies and repairs and on and on. Your income is the pleasure, satisfaction and self-validation that you feel when you engage in these activities and of course real money. You can build up a surplus in one area, such as maybe you love to cook and the pleasure you receive far outweighs the expenditure of energy.

There are usually areas that you have to expend energy that are not as satisfying. Maybe you don't like cleaning the house. It needs to be done and you get satisfaction of living in a clean house but you would rather not do it. You either do it, draining your household chores energy bank account, or hire someone else to do it. If you love your job, that is an option, but what if feel over worked and unappreciated at your job? You have to work a few hours extra to earn the money to pay for your housekeeper. That causes a withdrawal from your job energy bank account.

For a while, you can operate effectively by borrowing energy from other accounts where you have a surplus, but if you do this for a long time, the surplus is depleted and you are left with an overall energy deficit, much like governments around the world are experiencing with their finances.

Health problem crop up, money woes creep in, relationship tensions build. It makes it hard to rebuild your energetic bank account because you are chronically unhappy. It is a cycle you have to break to turn your life around. It can be done- one thought and action at a time.

What does the balance sheet of your energetic bank account look like? Are you living a life that is constantly making deposits with minimal expenditures? Are you constantly withdrawing energy and feel chronically tired, your body is in pain, restless, skeptical, feel unappreciated and don't like your job or life?

I'm really grateful for my feedback system that lets me know when my energy bank account it out of balance. What can you use for your personalized feedback system?

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Elaine Correia Dollowitch
Accessing other dimensions, soul energies and akashic records is easy for me. It's fun! I love to see how energies interact. I believe that from knowledge comes understanding, acceptance and appreciation and the clarity to create a relationship that works for you. I am in a committed relationship of 9 years and learned the hard way how to build a happy and fulfilling relationship that works for both of us. I'd love to share that hard earned wisdom with others.

I am also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Breema® Practitioner, Soul Realignment™ Practitioner, and Licensed Tax Consultant

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