In a day and age where people have busier lifestyles, where obesity is becoming a trend, and homes becoming smaller – manufacturers have created an empire surrounding quick and easy meals, snacks, and even drinks. More people prefer instant gratification, which led to wanting things done in an instant – instant messaging, instant coffee, instant noodles, and even instant meals!

It may sound corny, yes, but that’s what our reality is now. People prefer portable and easy to make meals as a substitute for their breakfasts, their snacks and sometimes for dinner they just drink an easy-to-make juice, and then go to bed. People usually make convenience as an excuse for these things.

Before going any further though, let us talk about the packaging of Rx Bar. They have the ingredients of each product on their packets and because of how colorful they are, they stand out like a tall person is a sea of short ones. The funny thing about this list of ingredient is that you’ll discover on the other side of the packet, all the other ingredients that the bar have. But, yes, it’s nice to know what you’re eating, and energy bars made with real food could be a good thing. The people behind the creation of each bar made sure that there is a well-balanced nutritional profile so that it won’t cause any sugar spike or insulin coma for people who would eat them.

Are RxBars good for you? Taste test. The ingredients’ list sure is short and sweet plus it has a protein-focused list which makes this energy bar a favorite for people who workaholic and those who frequent the gym or work out a lot. Among people who reviewed RxBar, the taste is not as appealing as some other brands out there. There is, in fact, a variety of flavors, but these bars taste very similar to each other.

RxBar shows off as a matter-of-factly that it has no added sugar, no soy, no dairy, no gluten, no preservatives, and non-GMO. Unluckily for others, this is not vegan nor organic, but RxBars best protein bars and they are Kosher, Paleo. RxBar is Whole 30-approved as well. If you didn’t quite know, RxBars use the egg whites in place of whey to increase its protein quotient which makes it ideal for people who are lactose intolerant.

After all that we have just talked about, you’ll ask, are Rx Bars healthy? If you compare RxBar with other fancy proteins bars, you’ll know that even when it does not taste as yummy as your usual protein bar, it is a healthier option. Also, you’ll know that RxBars are reasonably priced for its quality and nutritional value. So, the remaining question here is where to buy the best organic protein bars?

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