How do you know you need an energy clearing?

Do you have feelings of intense fear and worry that you cannot shake? Are you accident prone, or have you had illness after illness and you don't understand why? Have you ever awakened angry for no apparent reason? Do you ever yell at your loved ones and wonder where your anger came from? Do you ever hear voices in your head that tell you to do things that are uncharacteristic and even harmful to yourself and others? Do you ever see shadows moving out of the corner of your eyes in your home or apartment? Do you have difficulty focusing and getting anything accomplished. Do you have excessive clutter in your home or place of work? [caption id="attachment_774" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Chakras Clear and Aligned "][/caption]

If you answered YES to any of the above questions it is likely that you have attached energies that need to be cleared. We can pick up negative energy anywhere. If you have been frightened suddenly, ill, visited a hospital, funeral home, or even a supermarket recently, had surgery, anesthesia, brushed past someone with intense anger, smoked pot, had an an alcoholic beverage, or take prescription medication or anti-depressants it is likely you need a clearing. Yes, there are many reasons we may need our energy cleared. Often loved ones unwittingly attach chords to us through emotional attachment, all of these attached energies can bog you down and make you feel tired and less like yourself. Energies in your home from past arguments can become problematic and need to be cleared also.

Benefits of An Energy Clearing

Increased Clarity and Focus
Elimination of Brain Fog
Raises Your Vibration and allows you to attract higher vibrations to you - ability to manifest your desires more easily
Sense of Inner Peace and Feeling of Calm
Feeling Happier and Lighter
Reduction of Mind Chatter
Feel more positive
Reduction of Agitation
Feeling of Freedom
Feeling Energized
Elimination of Depression and Sadness
Clearing of Karma and Past Trauma
Limiting Patterns and Beliefs Removed
Clearing of Oaths, Agreements and Contracts from Past Lives that no longer serve you

How Is A Clearing Performed?

Using my large tool box of modalities, I use The Akashic Records, Spiritual Response Therapy and prayer to invoke God, your angels and The Ascended Masters to clear your energy. You are completely protected in a bubble of Divine Light. I have done clearings for people all over the world by intention, without having the person before me physically. An energy clearing is just as powerful done remotely as it is in person. In fact, I find it preferable as I am able to zoom into your energy field more easily when you are remotely located. I can do your clearing with you over SKYPE, or via phone. I also work with individuals who make an appointment, pay for my services and then e-mail me their issue. I then send you an in-depth report of what was found and cleared. Where you were on the energetic scale before the clearing was begun and where you were at the end of the clearing. I tell you how many holes were in your auric field, the percentage you are in the light when I begin and when I finish. Or if you prefer, I let you know you are cleared without the details. Every clearing is completely unique, personal and confidential. I taylor the clearing to meet your specific needs. When your clearing is complete, you will be left feeling lighter, more positive, focused and energetic. Often it takes up to 3 - 5 days for all the clearing work to be completely assimilated within your body and energy body.

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a Mystic, Energy Healer, Radio Talk Show Host on Voice America - INTO THE MYSTIC Internet Radio.

After years of dealing with negativity, self loathing and self doubt, Jennifer studied healing books from a multitude of modalities becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner, Master Intuitive Healer and a channel. She Reads The Akashic Records also known as "The Book of Life" and "The Record Book of God."

She has written hundreds of articles that have been published in Metaphysical Journals as well as her memoir, Odyssey Victim to Victory. She is currently writing a book about Sex and Intimacy. She is a student of Tantra and Life.