If you are truly worried about your increasing energy bills, then it is time you take the matter in your hands and monitor its usage regularly. With energy suppliers UK offering free electricity monitors, your monitoring task becomes even easier.

British Gas Energy Smart service offers you with a free electricity monitor. This monitor helps you to read your monthly meter readings more accurately and control the energy consumption as well. You can even compare the energy usage and seek personalized advice for the same. Providing you with even more convenience you can submit your meter readings through your online energy account or through an iPhone app or by SMS.

Additionally the Energy Smart electricity monitor is equipped with a consumption comparison tool which enables you to compare your usage with similar households in your area. According to your consumption, you can even modify your usage in order to become a medium or low energy user from a high energy user. At the same British Gas would be happy to guide you at a personal level as to how to reduce energy consumption

In case you wish to enjoy Energy Smart service, you need to go for suitable British Gas dual fuel tariffs such as Price Promise with EnergySmart, Standard with EnergySmart, Future Energy Plus with EnergySmart and Online Saver with EnergySmart.

In case you wish to go for only Gas tariffs, you could check out the Online Saver with EnergySmart and the Standard with EnergySmart. For those of you who wish to enjoy only electricity from British Gas can check out Online Saver with EnergySmart and the Standard with EnergySmart and Future Energy with EnergySmart tariffs.

The British Gas Price Promise with EnergySmart offers fixed energy prices and discounts for limited period depending upon the plan you go for. Apart from this, the customers would require to manage their account online and receive paperless bills for which payment has to be done through direct debit or debit/credit card while they will receive a free electricity monitor.

British Gas is helping and assisting its customers to make efficient use of energy and reduce their bills by availing the EnergySmartservice which provides them with a free electricity monitor. With the added convenience of the customer deciding upon the date on which the meter reading will be sent to British Gas for monthly billing, customer can always opt for a date when they are confident of making the bill payment on time. British Gas will send them reminders on the same through emails and SMS too.

The other initiatives have to be undertaken by British Gas customers to monitor their usage on a regular basis, send in the meter readings on time, access their online energy accounts and initiate efforts to reduce energy usage while making just use of it as and when required.

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