Within my coaching practice I embrace the energy of my clients, support them to release the energy that's not in their best interest, and balance their energy so they're in a position to positively move forward in their life’s journey. But what does this really mean? It sounds great, but how do I know what I say I'm doing is really what I am doing?

I get asked this by almost every single client with whom I work. It's not because they think I'm making it up, but rather because they are curious. They want to know more, learn more and possibly be able to read energy themselves. When it comes to working with energy, there are patterns. Some patterns can be seen like those individuals who see other people’s aura or frequency patterns emitting from their bodies, and some patterns are felt like waves on the ocean. For me it is a little of both, and with each client it's a little different. I may see their energy while I am facilitating the healing during a Reiki or CranioSacral session, or I may feel their energy intuitively. It is unique to everyone.

Asking if reading energy is spiritual or a religious perspective is not necessarily, from my experience, relevant. What is relevant is an individual’s openness to using his senses—touch, hear, smell, sight and taste—to reading another’s energy. Okay, taste might be out there for some of you, but in some instances there are those who do "taste" energy. I'm sure you've done the rub-your-hands-together energy experiment. If not, take a few moments now to try it. Rub your hands together quickly until they feel hot, then hold them apart. What do you feel?

The heat and vibration you experience is your own energy that you just enhanced by doing this exercise. Scientifically, there is proof our bodies create energy; just try sharing a bed with your child and see how quickly the covers get moved around! But seriously, science has proven the amount of energy it takes to sustain our bodies; hence food's necessity in our lives. This energy is emitted into the immediate area surrounding our bodies. Depending on the amount of energy we are outputting, there will be an impact on the color and the ease in which those who have embraced their energy-reading gift will be able to read it. Depending on your religious or spiritual background, you will have your own vocabulary for this energy. There are many books dedicated to this topic and to teaching people how to be able to read energy.

Here is my tip for you: If you are truly open to reading energy around others as well as yourself, you will do so. It may not look or feel like anyone else’s gift, but it will be in perfection for you. If this is something you want to embrace, then I encourage you to read, read, read—and then forget everything you just read and listen to your inner wisdom. Trust yourself and you will be right; even when you think you have misread the energy, you will still be right. Sound backwards? Remember that the information you may read in another may be just that: just for you and not for anyone else. So go on and trust yourself. Energy is everywhere. Love it! Read it! Trust it! That’s all I do: trust.

Until next time, embrace your inner wisdom.

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Karen Kleinwort is a certified professional coach who specializes in life, business and health coaching. Kleinwort also holds a BS in Business Management and an AA in Holistic Health & Fitness Promotion; additionally, she is a Reiki Master and CranioSacral Practitioner. Kleinwort is available for interviews and appearances. You can contact her at karen@therapyintransition.org or (877) 255-0761.