The energy supplements are available in form of capsules or drinks. A study on energy drinks reveal that they contain caffeine, kola nut, taurine, ginseng, gingko biloba, etc. One should consult a doctor before taking these supplements as they may contain chemicals. It is advisable to choose a supplement which is high in vitamins like B12.

Some of the available energy supplements are Bolt 260 Formula, Yellow Subs Xtreme, Red Chinese Super Caps, Pic Me up, Orange Rush Pre Workout Drink, etc. Yellow Subs gives a strong energy boost and Red Chinese Super Caps is a herbal supplement with green tea as an ingredient. These energy supplements contain both natural and synthetic ingredients.

Some of the supplements work because they contain stimulants like thermogenics. Thermogenics are what increase the metabolic rate of the body. High metabolism causes more calorie burning and high energy. Some supplements contain energy metabolism products which are derived from proteins and amino acids. Some supplements work by adding carbohydrates that can be broken down by the body to be burned as energy.

The Calorie Restriction theory has proven to be effective and it prolongs the lifespan by about 30 percent. Some studies have shown that Calorie Restriction can lower cancer rates in humans. Calorie restriction leads to loss of weight and therefore reduction in body fat. This is considered to be the main factor for a longer life. SIRT1 is a gene which is found in humans. This protects the cells when there is less food and therefore promotes survival.

SIRT1 prevents the cells from dying prematurely and also repairs the damage. SIRT1 is activated by Calorie Restriction or by Resveratrol. Resveratrol is an anti oxidant and an anti inflammatory agent found in some plants. It is found most notably in Japanese knotwood and in the skin of red grapes. Resveratrol turns on the genetic mechanism that protects cells from radical damage and inflammation thus preventing aging. Resveratrol can extend the lifespan and prevent illnesses. It also activates SIRT1 which is the rescue gene.

The many benefits of resveratrol make it a primary ingredient for anti aging pills. It helps to give a youthful look and slows down your aging. Quercetin is also gaining popularity as an Anti Aging ingredient. It is found in colorings of red onions and apples. It is an antihistamine, anti inflammatory and an antioxidant. This reduces the effects of aging and provides a youthful look. EGCC or epigallocatechin gallate is also effective as an anti aging ingredient. It is an anti oxidant found in green tea. These ingredients are found in the anti aging pills with which you can enjoy the benefits of the ingredients in a simple manner.

However one needs to understand the risks of taking these supplements and be aware of the ingredients. Use a supplement that is safe and tested.

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