“The Game of “Life” …is an ‘Energy Game’ …between the Tools/Rules of Energy!

Your TOOLS (from conception) are 23 pairs of chromosomal (color/light body) memory banks that ‘come together’ to play the Game of Life by the RULES (Laws of energy)! Conscious ‘discrimination’ of energy determines effective ‘expression’ or personal power for getting more ‘points’ and fewer ‘penalties’ while playing your Life Energy Game.

‘Energy’ always operates according to the ‘Laws’ of energy (physics/metaphysics) so your 23 organ/gland (O/G) ‘energy’ systems are designed to achieve/maintain ‘homeostasis’ (Life) by either ‘expressing or suppressing’ energy flow to ‘regenerative or degenerate’.

When each O/G energy system of circuits are ‘expressed’ they regenerate/rejuvenate like a flowing stream of water, but when ‘suppressed’ …the system degenerates/dysfunctions to create disease/disorder with symptomatic messages that clarify your problem/solution!

The question is, “Can you decode your ‘symptomatic message’ to solve your problem? Solutions are clear ‘perceptions’ that reveal natural ‘solutions’ aligned with the Laws of energy so you ‘Express’ the right Dose …at the right Time …that Eliminate the Problem!

If you can be ‘Conscious, Quick Enough’ to make Clear/Quick Decisions/Actions within your Point-of Power (.5 of a second from the stimulus) you will maximize Personal Power! If you can’t …your power will be subtracted from your maximum potential by defensive ‘drag on’ your Spirit Life-force energy flow, which will create degeneration (or aging) over time.

There are No Points For Defense! Defense is about stopping others from getting points!

Thus, you must learn to play ‘offense’ so you express your Spirit; rather than ‘defense’ where you express your ‘drag on’ your Life-force energy by ‘suppressing or over-expressing’ your truth. Only being clear, quick and appropriate, in order to be effective and productive can you get more ‘points’ to regenerate and rejuvenate your Life-force!

When you know clearly how Life’s Energy Game works so you understanding how those Rules (Laws of energy – Physics & Metaphysics) work in your present moments …you will have the consciousness to align with the Laws of energy… so “The Force is with You” …to express your organ/gland truths from listening and considering everything with potential for truth …but at the same time continue to express ‘your truth’ in a humble manner, so long as you are not convinced of any other truth.

If everyone did this we would all function more effectively and have more personal power to create clearer and better ‘long term solutions’ by being conscious enough in-the-moment to notice and avoid costly ‘penalties’ from ‘short term solutions’ that in the long run always create long term problems.

Consciousness is the Only Elegant Solution to human problems BECAUSE it’s the only thing that gives us a CHOICE to make clearer/quicker decisions that consciously creates your Spirit desires …without recreating your past, in the present, so you are not recreating and reliving the traumas of your past… as the ‘trauma-dramas’ of your present!

Author's Bio: 

Dean G Allen, PhD,
Official Energy Psychology Guide