Long distance healing sessions could be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. This distant healing is just as effective as a session done personally. The great thing about this kind of practice is that it can be done or performed over the phone but just some other energy healers do not even make use of the phone. The client would simply sit quietly during the entire session. So in effect, energy healing does not require you to leave your house just to see a healer in person, which is more convenient, isn’t it? An energy healer could contact you at your request and then conduct a session.

That is why pure strength knows no limits or distance. There are actually reports that animals are also benefiting from this. Animal healing could be accomplished through the use of an energy healer. There have been some accounts of animals acting younger and being energetic after an animal treatment service. Pet treating services such as cat healing, horse healing, and dog healing are available for your favorite furry pals. For us humans, energy healing, or qigong is an effective way in bringing harmony and balance to the body, mind, emotions and improve our general wellness; since stress also significantly affects our emotional, mental and spiritual “bodies” as well.

With all the hassles and pressure going on in our lives on a day to day basis, it is highly important to find effective ways in practicing daily self-care. There are in fact several techniques in self-care like meditation, exercise and more sleep, that take care of the physical body. This is what qigong is all about. Qigong is a Chinese word which simply means “energy work”. In China, it is used for minimizing pain and stress, increase productivity, stamina and creativity, balance the feelings and emotions, and boost the immune system. It is an ancient energy medicine and alternative energy treatment system which has been used in the Far East for many centuries to aid in several serious health conditions.

Also, Chinese practitioners believe that Qigong is really a big help in promoting well being and longevity and especially in preventing illnesses. It is now becoming increasingly more and more well-known. After an energetic healing session, the following may take place: lessened pain, a sense of lightness, a very long sleep succeeded by feeling more energetic, and a sense of peace according to many people who have engaged in this kind of practice. When the human body is in balance, natural healing could then occur. It may feel like their chakras, or energy centers have been opened and many felt that they have experienced an aura balancing and chakra healing.

While others also attest long distance energy treatment brought them an overall sense of balance of mind, body and spirit. Actually, it differs from one person to another. Your aura or energetic body as well as your physical human body would greatly benefit and thank you for it. You can always give qigong energy healing a shot.

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