Every year millions of couples get married, and while some couple favors no engagement ring at all, the vast majority of couples do go that route. But while engagement rings are traditional, year after year, styles do change.

Here are some of the trending styles for 2020:

• #1. Yellow Gold

According to Brides.com one trend that is making a comeback are rings with yellow gold. A tradition for many years, yellow gold began to rapidly fall out of favor in the 1990s, being replaced by white gold or platinum.

Many brides, in particular, felt gold had more of an old-style look but in rings as in fashion, trends disappear and then return again.

Jewelers report in particular, a liking of yellow gold by younger brides, perhaps reflecting the bling is in philosophy.

• #2. Pear-shaped diamonds are out, oval is in

Who, what. where reports a drastic lack of interest in modern brides to pear-shaped diamonds, and a rapid increase in oval shapes.

Many celebrities, notably Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber spearheaded this trend, and the Instagram and social media buzz has caused a large increase for oval shaped engagement rings.

• #3. Many patterns remain the same

Not everything changes out of the blue from year to year in. Modern Diamond Engagement Rings

The five different ring styles in this article are all still extremely popular.

• #4. Colored Stones

Princess Diana popularized it a few decades ago, but celebrities such as Katy Perry, engaged to Orlando Bloom have reaffirmed the choice of many, that diamonds are not the only choice for engagement rings according to Professional Jeweler.com.

And jewelry shops in both the U.S. as well as Europe are seeing a call for emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires, pink diamonds and more have reenergized the colored stone market. Brides in 2020 want to feel unique, and colored states are an easy way to express that uniqueness.

• #5. Skinny engagement bands

Brilliance.com suggests, as do many other fashion sites, that there is a trend for skinny wedding bands. Not only do they look stylish, but they make a smaller, more unique stone, whether diamond or otherwise, look bigger. And pairing it with a skinny wedding ring gives you a classy look.

Ultimately, however, it's your engagement and wedding, and anyone who thinks the size or shape of your engagement ring guarantees a lifetime of happiness is just like an ostrich hanging your head in the sand.

Buy the type of ring you and your fiancee will enjoy and wear it with pride. After all, it's not really the style or the type of ring but what it symbolizes.

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