As you prepare for the proposal of your dreams, your focus is predominantly on the details of the moment, and everything must be perfect. Of course, there are all sorts of romantic stories of proposal surprises that encounter glitches. The centerpiece of the moment, the brilliant and fiery diamond engagement ring, is one detail that you can make sure of before the moment of truth arrives. Choosing the most brilliant ring, though, requires some assistance from a jeweler.

When you enter our shop or peruse our site, you see sparkling gems, beautiful precious metals, and intriguing designs. You may have a style in mind, but where the fire and sparkle of the diamond is concerned, there is a great deal of detail not visible to the naked eye. Cut, clarity, color, and carat are elements of quality measured in diamonds, and in choosing diamond jewelry, it’s helpful for you to become familiar with these features.

You are probably somewhat familiar with the idea of cut. An uncut diamond may be interesting, but it isn’t nearly as brilliant and captivating as it will be when it has been cut. The cut of the diamond involves the shape at the top, of course, and while there are many interesting options like the princess cut and the pear cut, the reality is that a round cut will produce the best opportunity for brilliance. Additionally, the depth of the facets and the precision with which they are made will impact the stone’s brilliance. A shallow cut will produce a dull result while a deep cut will produce a stone that looks dark. Precision matters, and gems arrive at our store already graded according to cut. Computers are making it possible for gemologists to obtain more brilliant results, understanding the impact of a cut and the reaction of light within the gem via modeling tools.

Clarity of the stone in a diamond engagement ring is determined by inclusions, tiny marks that aren’t visible without a magnifying tool. Inclusions decrease clarity and value, while fewer inclusions mean a more brilliant piece of diamond jewelry. Color is also an important element in determining diamond brilliance and value. While there are some exotic diamonds of interesting colors, the most brilliant is a colorless diamond. Most diamonds in our store will range from colorless to a light yellow, and an untrained eye won’t easily see the difference. Together, clarity, color and cut impact the brilliance of a diamond. The diamond’s weight, measured in carats, won’t necessarily impact the brilliance of the stone, although it may have a bearing on the reaction your fiancée provides when she discovers the ring on her dessert plate. Visit our site or store to see some examples in person.

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