When you awoke this morning, what thoughts came to mind? How did you feel about the day that lie before you—the yet-to-come? From the instant that you began experiencing today, you were also formulating the yet-to-come. Perhaps unknowingly, perhaps consciously, or perhaps somewhere in between, you engaged the energizing force—potential.

Each day many possibilities, choices and opportunities are endlessly formulating within the realm we call life. Potential is the force that makes it all possible; all the possibilities that may exist in the yet-to-come. Potential is vast and unknown, reaching beyond the here and now. Potential is the creator and reason for what is now.

Defy the status quo, deviate from your usual way of thinking and feeling, abandon your incessant judging and engage the extraordinary—the potential that lies within you. You are much more than you think, far more than you know, and far, far more wonderful than you feel.

You have access to a sacred energy that is constantly flowing through you and all around you. It is what life is molded and shaped from, every last bit of it. Step out of your everyday mindset and seize this vital force. Engage it, own it and use it for your own good—and for the good of everyone else.

Go beyond your comfort zone and take some risks. Give yourself the opportunity to grow and learn—to be a positive force for yourself and those that you love. Be daring and hopeful, and consumed with faith. Make joy and happiness a daily ritual because you have the potential to do it!

Let the dream take form and run with it, whatever it may be. Allow yourself the opportunity to be what you long to be. Fulfillment and satisfaction can be realized in the yet-to-come, and the here and now. Those who are conscious, who understand and actively engage potential, live a life of abundance.

Tomorrow when you awake and the day lie before you, consciously think of the yet-to-come, feel different than you did today and engage potential to make it a better day than the day before. Do it again, each and every day—formulate the yet-to-come with the intent to create a life of abundance—unimagined, wondrous, unlimited possibilities!

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Artist, writer and advocate for self-empowerment: www.wingproject-june.blogspot.com and www.empoweredu.net

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My own physical illness unexpectedly opened my eyes to the emotional aspects of healing. As a result, an awakening occured. I have spent a great deal of the past twelve years focusing on personal growth and self-help. My passion is to share what I have learned with others and support them on their wondrous and sometimes rocky journey. I aspire to be a positive influence in the lives of many other individuals; those seeking the better way!