English is fast becoming the common language of the world. As globalization increases, the need to communicate with people from different parts of the world also increases. For smooth communication, a common language is necessary. A large part of the world has always been acquainted with English for historical reasons, so, it is only natural that English is the language to be used for international purposes.
English speakers
In terms of native speakers it is the third most commonly spoken language in the world. But as a second language it is the most commonly used. It is also the most common language, when both the native and non-native speakers are taken into account. English is the official language of many countries, as well as many world organizations. Most educated people of the world are at least bilingual, learning English as a second language along with their mother tongue.
Uses of English
English is used for various purposes, like, educational, political, entertainment, business, finance, etc. Tourism is another important aspect in which the necessity of English is felt increasingly. Tourists can never be expected to know the languages of their holiday destinations, so it becomes important for employees of the tourism industry to learn a language in which they can easily communicate with the foreigners. English is the inevitable choice as it is known by the majority of tourists.
Teaching English
In today’s world, it is very important to learn English and keeping this in mind, many online teacher training jobs have been created in all the countries using English as the official language. English teachers are very much in demand nowadays. There are many courses which help aspiring English teachers to get good jobs. A part of all English teaching jobs are ESL jobs. In ESL jobs, English teachers teach students English as a second language.
Professional Benefits
For those who know English, job prospects increase ten folds. Almost all good jobs require the knowledge of English. The chance to go abroad also opens up when a person becomes proficient in English. Countries like China, Japan and some others are taking in many English teachers, for they have also understood the necessity to know English. Teacher Training Jobs, like ESL jobs, give opportunities to English teachers to go abroad & teach the subject to non-native speakers.
Other benefits
English is not necessary for professional purposes only; English is the main language for books and articles too. All international communication is held in English. Even if a person wants to go abroad for a holiday, his knowledge of English will be useful. Airports make announcements in English, conferences are held in English, this generation has also seen a rise in English music, not only in the first language English countries but elsewhere, too. Most scientific works are carried out using English and they are published in this language as well. Apart from that, wonderful stories and poems have been written in English, which a person need not miss out on once he learns English.

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