Analytics have become a part and parcel of modern-day business operations. When it comes to sales operations, the power of Big Data technologies can never be denied. Companies that are still running their sales lead qualification services in-house, but not reaping the desired rewards, they should look to incorporate analytics for better results.

How Analytics Work in Sales Lead Qualification Services?

Let’s say you have a wide pool of potential clients that you can call for generating leads. But there is only a limited manpower for making those calls. In this situation, you would start randomly and connect with different people. You would use your own aptitude to decide who to call first and who to call later, and who not to call at all.

Such an approach is random and very inefficient. But with analytics-driven lead generation services, you can figure out potential clients who are:

• More likely to make a sale
• In the position to make a sale
• Have a big enough business to be fruitful for your client

By running analytics on pertinent databases, it is possible to generate qualified leads that will do business immediately. Not only it helps you save the manhours of your tele callers, it also helps you maintain a good image within the industry. Companies who use random sales lead qualification services with no AI expertise often waste a lot of time. And, in today’s highly competitive world, time is money.

The Role of Agents in Sales Lead Generation

Apart from the software, you also need skilled agents if you want to run a successful sales campaign. Not all agents that are good at voice support are ideal for telemarketing and sales services. Below are some special skills required in sales agents:

Persuading ability

Gift of gab is a necessary virtue for a person making sales call. The agents should be able to persuade the client and get him onboard.

Time management

Although AI can significantly optimize the process of lead generation services, agents’ ability to manage time really matters a lot. The agents should be able to gauge which business owner is more likely to make a sale. They should not waste too much time on entrepreneurs who are either not in the position to make a final decision or have an irrelevant business proposition.

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