When it comes to designing your own bedroom, it’s important to go a step further than just the aesthetics. In fact, the ambience of a mood setter of your bedroom should be an amalgamation of functionality and visual beauty. Sleep is one of the most critical activities of our lives although we don’t actively or physically have to move to engage with it.

Having healthy sleep habits makes a big difference in the quality of life. Most doctors and Sleep foundations recommend a minimum of 8 hours of sleep in order for the body to rest fully and be prepared to be active the next day. Lack of sleep is known to contribute to cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes. In order to assist in this, it’s important to evaluate your current bedroom and if it supports the grand purpose of that large bed as the focal point- a good night’s sleep. Here are a few tips on how to make your room the ideal sleep haven:

Temperature control

For a cozy sleep, your bedroom should typically be between 60 and 67 degrees. Of course, you can feel free to play around with this ideal temperature to catch on the perfect level of coolness that matches you and your partner. It can get sweaty when you have a partner sharing your mattress with you!

Mattress and Pillows

We cannot stress this enough. There is nothing like a good mattress that can support your body in getting restful sleep. Choose a quality mattress from reputable mattress experts like Wakefit who offer Orthopedic and Dual comfort Memory Foam mattresses that caters to both sleeping preferences of partners. They also offer pillows of the same quality.


Ensure to pick bed sheets, bed covers, duvet sets that suit your skin type. Ideally, your skin should feel breathable and cozy without causing any irritations. Try to pick pure soft cotton or viscoelastic materials in lighter or neutral colors to go with the relaxed ambiance. If you are someone who likes to create a luxe bed look with multiple duvets, throws, bed runners and cushions- sleeping with these on can make you feel sweaty and irritable. Make your sleep journey easy by investing in simple bedding.
Don’t forget to get the dimensions right when your purchase bedsheet online, they should ideally tuck in well under a mattress in order to sit comfortably.

Eliminate noises

One of the things to do as part of your bedtime routine is to turn off any electronic device that makes noises. Consider using a sound conditioner, air purifier, air-condition, a regular electronic fan or even a small fountain to maintain a consistent soothing backdrop throughout the night.

Calming scents
The last thing you want is your room to smell trashy or your nose to be irritated with a strong smell. Use the advantages of a relaxing scent like Lavender that is known to calm nerves. Lavender scents and oils may also decrease heart rate and blood pressure to coax you into a good night’s sleep.

Keep your bedroom clutter-free

Remove anything that can trigger stressful thoughts before bedtime. Maintain a desk in a separate room as your workspace rather than bringing your laptops, tabs, etc into your bedroom.

Blinds and curtains

Our circadian rhythm works best when our body is exposed to light during the day and darkness at night. Drape your windows with thick blackout curtains to make sure light does not enter in when you are asleep but also allows for sunlight when drawn open.
Turn your bedroom into a sleep oasis by creating a comfortable and soothing space to get the perfect quality sleep.

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