With the advent of technology, learning is no more confined or restricted to textbooks or oral lectures anymore. The internet has completely revolutionized the ways students gather facts or teachers disseminate information in the classroom. The computer and-held devices like smartphones and tablets have opened new avenues and platforms, made it easy to access materials and resources of learning, interact with the teachers through various platforms and help students get personalized experience. Digital classroom materials can be presented in different ways. Teachers have to be comfortable in using digital devices and get familiar with technology for imparting lessons and presenting facts through these digital tools and techniques. In this article, we shall discuss them one by one.

Video Tutorials
There are several advantages of presenting tutorials in video format to the students. It makes instructions lucid, easy to follow, and to-the-point and disseminates ideas in a smooth manner from one to the next.

However, a lot depends on the skills of the educators who present the information after meticulous planning, writing the content, and recording the narration. Teachers who run short of ideas or creativity must go for a classroom material development course. It revolves around various techniques of planning and delivering digital and printed classroom materials for students to advance their skills and help them acquire more knowledge.

Worksheets help kids practice key skills at a basic level. They can download, print & watch it. There is no denying the fact that worksheets have given a new dimension to the learning process be it language, mathematics, or science. It helps children learn elementary Mathematics fractions, decimals, equation, letters, numbers, shapes, colors, vocabulary,

Powerpoint presentations
A smart way to present information through charts and graphs has been effective for learners since time immemorial. Powerpoint presentations are the best way to personalize the slides and include rich multimedia, graphics, and animation to make learning livelier and dynamic. School kids enjoy learning and get more participation in all the subjects through attractive PowerPoint presentations. Teachers can know more about this digital technique of teaching and creating study materials by enrolling in a classroom material development course.

Flashcards are a wonderful flexible learning tool for kids from learning drills to memorization. While many learners stick to utilizing them for elementary or basic facts, they can be applied for intricate processes for academic purposes. The biggest hurdle is most students don't know how to make full use of them or take advantage of their impacts.

Flashcards find application in teaching English and help educators to present a new word by means of a picture and that picture is about any vocabulary words. Further, the main purpose of using flashcards is to engage the students and boost their capacity to think in a clear manner which is considered efficient learning.

New-age students become more productive in academics by seeing the facts that are presented in an example mode. Students of all ages are attracted to rich multimedia visuals instead of words or textbook vocabulary. This strategy will help to boost not only their power to remember words and vocabulary of school work but guides them on the right track.

Digital teaching strategies include creating classroom materials by amalgamating content, animation, multimedia, images, charts, and audio. Teachers to be more effective in the classroom must integrate technology while creating study materials for students and in order to do so must upgrade their skills by going for a classroom material development course at IITT. It pioneers in groundbreaking and internationally-approved courses on pre-primary teacher training, special needs education, childhood care education, Montessori teachers training, language enrichment, teaching grammar, classroom behavior management, elementary education, and others in regular & online format for everyone looking to make a mark in the teaching profession and meticulously learn all the techniques of pedagogy.

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