Those days are gone when manual handwritten ticketing service rules were enforced, now everything is operated with smart technology. Well, it is the need of the hour for modern cities parking instrument. To make the law and order effects, and operate those successfully these technologies are time tested.

In the current parking facility, few apps and websites are introduced to make the process easy going for both two and four-wheeler vehicles. Current parking enforcement has introduced many more new tools for ticketing and payment service.

Challenges countenance

The parking enforcement facility faces a lot of challenges. The roads are blocked with an increasing number of vehicles. The space for parking is constant, but the number of increasing car the casual pattern of parking enforcement is costly and not at all cost-effective. But the new smarty technologies are upgraded; they help you to identify the car from the parking lot. Parking enforcement in Toronto has high-value technology installed. The electrical data ticket issuing, real-time checking of time, identification of the car everything is done with smart technology. It is way better and less time consuming than manual ticketing service.

Embracing the smart technology

The smart parking enforcement technology offers a 360-degree solution to clod based entire portfolio managing, installing smart parking meters and access of the officers through the meters, convenient payment method, and easy citation approach with transparency in data handling with security enforcement.

How technologies affect the efficiency of the parking service?

The effect of parking smart technology can be traced from a few new convenient steps. Technologies like using camera-based license scanner, cloud data maintenance, checking permits and catching the offenders on the spot, online electrical ticket issue, calculating fines in one go- everything is the boon of smart technologies. Parking enforcement in Toronto is very strict about theirrules and regulation and they enforce more smart tactics to bring transparency in the system.

Apart from this, the parking patrolling quality has increased with mobile guidance. Officer can check on violators with mobile sensor and GPS technology. The real-time recording for time and information is much need and impose at this time to make the parking facility effective.

In a smart parking system, the data is secured in the cloud system. As it provides security, the wheeler and the authority both feel secure in the system.

Various categories of the smart parking system

The smart parking system can be classified in various categories- Parking Guidance and Information System, Transit based information system, smart payment system, E-parkingsystem and auto pacingsystem. These are effective in controlling the parking service.

The question may come that how the system of manual parking service has differed from the smart technology parking service? Well, the solution to that query would be in time and transparency in real-time checking, database security. Apart from all these, the technology seemed to benefit both the parties on their end, the vehicle owner with safety tool and guidance, whereas the officials got benefited by the smart time effective service.

When it is providing the twofold facility, it needs to be tried and come to the adaptability.

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