There are only a few people who have known how to use the incredible power of online networking in their search for jobs and career development; networking sites can make your work very easy. There is no a completely new way of making new contacts when in search for jobs, thanks to online networking sites; employers, job seekers and all manner of professionals all meet here where they connect with each other because there is a wide range of mutual benefits. With online networking sites you will not have to tell anyone “help me find a job.” These sites allow the users to use their existing networks to create new contacts so as to enhance their path of career development; anyone can benefit from these sites by observing the following:

Polish your resume: Writing about your job history only tells the recruiter where you have been in the past. Don’t be tempted to simply list down your qualification, skill sets and position, you need to underline some specific accomplishments. Spend some little time occasionally to update all your connections about any achievements or career highs. Your resume will look more authentic when you share your achievements on networking sites where they can be scrutinized by people who know you and former colleagues.

Update your status: There are more people than you think who would be more than willing to help you to find a job if they are requested. Open up about your search for a job and always add regular updates about what you are up to and the progress of your search. Always make sure that you put forth a proactive and positive detail of all goings on. You don’t want to be caught whining or cribbing on online networking sites because it will create a negative impression on recruiters doing online searches; your profile should be positive and up to date.

Help others where you can: People all over the world value connections that give positive returns; you can contribute to other people’s success by contributing to other’s successes perhaps by way of giving positive advice, suggestions or writing informative articles. Employers and recruiters appreciate people who appear to be proactive and team players. You could simply respond to other people’s “help me find a job” requests or write valuable stuff about important areas in your industry and you will help develop a positive impression.

Find information through networks: Research on prospective employers who are cross referenced on online networking sites; you may come across names of people you know who will actually have hose important connections with that particular organization. This should help you have some inside information especially regarding the company’s culture and their hiring processes.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for FexFree. The company is an online job listings site that is an all new open source professional networking platform. The site helps connect job seekers with employers and using the means of online networking helps all involved.