As we know, DevOps Culture aims at the collaborative work of various departments, including developers, testers, and many others. Most enterprises develop their DevOps team to work for it. But due to heavy workload and tasks on a daily basis, people on DevOps create a range of tools that help them complete daytime activities more efficiently and effectively. In this blog, we will discuss numerous DevOps Tools for enterprise app development and how they can increase the productivity of enterprises and improve performance by adopting these tools.

Jenkins is an open-source installation and integration tools. It helps organizations eliminate the distribution of software by building, testing, and deploying applications in one place. It gives pipelines that integrate numerous stages such as code checkout, testing, building, and deployment. Jenkins also integrates with other tools with the help of this expanded list of plugins. You can incorporate information to create different communication mediums such as slack etc.

Monitoring Tools
Monitoring is one of the crucial aspects of DevOps' work. DevOps monitor necessary infrastructure and applications through which they can take the essential steps before anything goes wrong. DevOps use numerous tools for monitoring, which include Nagios, Zabbix, New Relic, Datadog, etc. In addition, DevOps also use a tool called pagerduty, an incident management solution that helps companies offer seamless customer experiences. Monitoring devices provide real-time alerts when a boundary condition is reached and full-stack visibility in different environments.

ELK (Log Management System)
Since different servers are involved at the time of debugging an application, it becomes complicated for the developer to fix the problem. Therefore, a centralized log management system is required through which developers can view logs and debug applications. This is what ELK provides. It provides useful UI through which developers can view records and also filter them based on time and parameters. It also helps in analyzing traffic on the application, which allows organizations to take actionable steps.

Configuration Management Systems Tools
The configuration plays an important role in the field of devas. Since there are thousands of servers to configure, it is very difficult to configure manually. Configuration management tools like Chef and Puppet help achieve this. These tools deal with the setup of thousands of servers, and if developers need to adjust or change the design, these tools help to do as such on various servers in a single click, which decreases endeavors and spares time.

It is an issue tracking software that is used to address issues, development of projects, hours of team members working, and more. JIRA is a proprietary issue product of tracks made by Atlassian. It helps in gaining agile growth in project development.

Docker & Kubernetes
Companies are adopting the Microservices architecture because it is more reliable and easier to manage. Docker and Kubernetes are the tools by which containerization can be gained, which is a better way to execute the microservice architecture. Through these tools, we can make the app images to transfer to various machines which are easy if you are looking forward to migrating from one cloud service provider to others.

As various servers are involved in debugging an enterprise application, it becomes complex to fix the hurdle. Hence a centralized log management system is needed in which developers can view logs and debug the apps. It offers useful UI with which developers can see the logs and also provide them filters based on time and parameters. It also helps in analyzing traffic on the application, which helps enterprises in taking the final decision. Katalyst technologies, a leading enterprise application development company that offers advance solutions that helps our clients’ in streamlining their enterprises operation and projects seamlessly.

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