Every woman deserves to have a great sex life, whether or not she has an accessible partner. If you have a companion who’s willing to embark on this journey of mutual discovery and support, good for you! But if you’re currently alone, don’t let that stop you from enjoying extraordinary pleasure and passionate intimacy, as you have the power and ability to provide that for yourself.

The first step is learning to truly love and appreciate your body – inside and out. Far too many women stare grimly in the mirror, criticizing every curve and wrinkle, without ever recognizing their own natural, delicious divinity winking back at them. Too many women depend on the external validation of a man to supply them with self-esteem, love, nurturing and empowerment that we all crave. However what we sometimes don’t realize, is that sense of security, love, nourishment and power is already within us. This is our divine feminine gift – our rite to enjoy and express the marvelous essence of who we truly are.

“Every beauty which is seen by persons of perception resembles more than anything else that celestial source from which we all are come.” - Michelangelo (1475-1564) Italian painter, sculptor, architect, and poet.

Many women today are all too often completely cut off from the divine feminine, and may not even understand the concept. Rather than being taught to look within, they are left struggling to find an identity in the eyes of outsiders. They’re taught that sex is a commodity to be manufactured and sold in the sexual marketplace. The media determines what is sexy, beautiful, socially acceptable, right, wrong, good and bad. We are spoon-fed what to think and how to act based on our major influences, which generally happen to be unrealistic or outrageous social stereotypes.

What does this all have to do with masturbation? For women, sex can be a sacred rite of self-empowerment and passionate connection with our own inner beauty. And despite the fairy tales and romance novels, sexual awakening is an experience that doesn’t depend on someone else to do it for you. Orgasm is a gift, whether you’re sharing it with someone else, or giving it to yourself. To be able to enjoy masturbation and to bring yourself to orgasm is a natural beautiful activity. It is a type of meditation that can evoke much physical pleasure, as well as a sense of personal power and self-assurance in that we don’t necessarily need a man to enjoy sexual intimacy.

We can all have juicy, empowering, divinely delicious sex lives – with or without a partner! And the side effect of all that self-loving is that we become more secure in our own sexuality. It’s also much easier to offer clear direction to a partner when we know how to pleasure ourselves. It takes practice and experimentation to determine our own personal preferences in what we enjoy. When we recognize our own joy and freedom in this liberating act of self-indulgence, we step into the creative field of pure potential in unrestrained blissful ecstasy. We can use the wisdom of the body and the power of our own passion to fuel anything that we desire to create.

So take some time to explore your own body and discover the innate enjoyment in unlocking mysteries of self-fulfillment. Create a private and pleasing atmosphere, prepare your space with any desired provisions; a towel, some toys, definitely some good lubrication or stimulating gel – and rock your own world into a state of total bliss and gratification.

Author's Bio: 

Allura Joy has worked with women of all ages and of diverse backgrounds for many years in offering support, holistic therapy and relationship counseling, as well as sharing valuable resources and useful information in the areas of women’s sexuality, health & wellness. Allura has facilitated various women’s groups, retreats, conferences and special events for women to come together in community to share, connect and support one another.

Allura also works with women individually to help resolve personal issues around relationships and intimacy, specializing in helping women who may have emotional and/or physical issues and insecurities with sexual expression and experiencing orgasm. She enjoys helping clients explore their passions in finding a sense of purpose and to manifest their dreams and desires. She is a certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor.

Allura enjoys writing articles to empower women in their sexuality, promoting a healthy fulfilling sex life - with or without a partner! Check out my blog, Straight UP Girl Talk with Allura at: http://www.oceanusnaturals.com/blog/