Due to night curfew and other restrictions the normal trips and regular routines at Melbourne have been limited to a great extent. Amidst such a grievous situation, if you want to enjoy some fresh air the only option is to go for a short day trip. To travel around and enjoy the city at large you must book a day trip taxi. A taxi is one of the best options to travel in this pandemic situation as it helps you to avoid large gatherings on buses. Maxi Taxi is the taxi service in Melbourne city which provides a safe and comfortable taxi ride.

If you want to enjoy the essence of the city you must visit Eureka tower, Melbourne Aquarium, the beaches, Star Observatory Wheel at Dockland, the well known Queen Victoria Market, and so on. The best maxi service in Melbourne not only allows you to visit all of these places but also enjoy a luxurious travel experience at a very reasonable rate. With the Maxi taxi service in Melbourne, you can take the pleasure of the day trip to its fullest. The most important factor for the maxi taxi is the authority is strictly maintaining all of the necessary rules to keep their passengers safe from the corona virus. The whole maxi taxi service is sanitized after a certain time gap. To maintain less gathering maxi taxi is allowing less number of passengers than the usual times.

The day trip must include a visit to Melbourne Aquarium which is located in the southern part of Melbourne city. The exotic group of sharks, ray fish, sea fish, sea horses, Cuttlefish will mesmerize you in no time. You can watch the exquisite rainforest creatures roaming around. Royal Botanical Garden is another fantastic place to visit during your day trip to Melbourne. The rarest species of flowers and plants will amaze you.

Only the best maxi service can take you to a cozy and safe day trip to all of these beautiful places. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and book a maxi cab to enjoy the Melbourne beauty at daylight.

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