We as members of the baby boomer society have seen great icons leave this world. We grew up with these icons, we watched them grow up on television, and they were such an important part of our daily life.

It is hard for us to imagine Jamie Lee Curtis advertising for Activia, or Henry Winkler, (The Fonz), advertising for Reverse Mortgages, or Sally Field, (The Flying Nun), advertising for Osteoporosis. We remember our favorite actors and actresses as being young and vibrant, not as getting older. When we see them, we are faced with our own mortality. When we see the advertising products, the advertising experts are suggesting that we connect with them.

To be able to take a breath is a miracle in itself. No one has control of when their time comes, all you can do is enjoy each day as you can. This means; no matter if you are healthy, sick, have physical or mental limitations, enjoy each moment! You know that bucket list that you made up for yourself? That is not to be put off until you are older. That list is for you to start doing the things on it, to experience and enjoy something new, each and every day.

Death is just as an important part to the life cycle as life itself. We all wish we were invincible, but we are not. Some people fear death, when it should be appreciated just as all the life lessons you have come to learn and appreciate. Death to me is an opportunity to give back to the living; a last chance to say thank you for teaching me all you have taught me. I would not be afraid because everyone I love and everyone who loves me knows that I will continue to be a part of their life. I will be with them every step that they take.

We don’t want to see our icons get older; we don’t want to get older. But life is life, it gives and it takes and in the end, all you can say is “Thank You.” You give thanks for everything you have ever seen, or have felt, for all your losses as well as your gains. You thank of all the hugs and kisses, all the near misses, and the love a family brings. In the end, all you can do is enjoy each day as you can.

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