Music fans love to see live music performance of their favorite band. Loud music, crazy noise of the crowd and incredible light shows makes the event more exciting and watchful. The large speakers make the sound so loud that your whole body feels its booming sound. But like other sounds, music can damage the ears. Concert goers are advised to use earplugs to keep Ringing Ear disease at the bay.
There are 3 styles of earplugs mentioned below works well for the music shows. Other, more affordable, ready-to-go and easy to use ear protectors can be found at your local pharmacy, music retailer, or online retailer.

1. Moldable Silicone Ear Plugs: This silicone putty molds over the outer ear canal to form a very comfortable and custom fit. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and widely available at most drugstores and pharmacies.

2. Soft Foam Ear Plugs: These are very easy to use and can be used multiple times, or until dirt or earwax accumulates on them. Some of the foam ear plug products include a convenient key chain carrying case along with the earplugs. There are even some new earplugs on the market that fit flat into your wallet like a credit card and roll up in seconds to form a cylindrical style foam earplug! With these handy roll-up wallet earplugs, you will never again get caught in a loud noise environment without your hearing protection.

3. Flanged Ear Plugs: These ear plugs have a molded stem with soft flanges around the tip. They are washable and reusable and sometimes come with a convenient neck cord that is handy in loud noise environments where the sound starts and stops frequently. Some flanged style musicians' ear plugs even incorporate special filters which allow music to be heard clearly, but at lower, safer sound levels.

An added benefit of wearing the above-mentioned earplugs is that one can carry on a conversation at a loud event or venue, and hear with surprising clarity, without having to deal with the pain and discomfort that occurs when those around you are yelling into your ears so they can be heard. With earplugs in place, they can yell over the music and the earplugs will decrease the harmful effect and allow you to still converse rather normally.

The "music lovers" biggest complaint is that they don’t want to sacrifice sound quality. With some ear protectors, sound quality may be affected. However, there are ear plugs on the market that will not only protect your hearing from potentially damaging noises, but will also allow one to experience good sound clarity as well, only at a lower and safer volume. Many find these earplugs are also beneficial as they seem to lessen or remove the distorted effect that often results when music is played loudly. Hearing protection will also reduce the uncomfortable pain and discomfort that often results from loud noise. The result is a much safer, more enjoyable, musical experience.

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Pete has worked as a consultant in the hearing health industry for 25 years. Having vast experience with Ear plugs and other hearing protection products, the author has published numerous articles in an effort to help increase hearing health awareness.