Beds with adjustable bases and frames allow users to customize the angles of head and legs. Basically, frame adjusts between 60°-90° from parallel to ground.

Reasons people purchase adjustable [modifiable] bed frames

Sleeping on flexible bed helps people enhance their blood circulation, get relieved from pain as well as create more restorative sleep because of the facility to modify their body positions. ‘zero-gravity’ position reduces back stress and enhance circulation. Feet licking up helps to decrease swelling or edema. People have even experienced reduce in their acid reflux and snoring. Sleeping with upper body elevated a little helps air to pass easily and prevent acids from rising into your oesophagus.

Perfectly healthy people also choose adjustable bed for comfort, customization and convenience factor. Reading, typing on laptop. Or watching TV is made easy with head raised.

Valuable features of adjustable beds

  • Wireless remotes
  • Pre-set positions
  • Programmable buttons
  • Rolling or stationary Massage
  • Tablet or Smartphone compatibility
  • Sleep/wake functions
  • Snore feature causes other partners side to rise a little and reduce snoring
  • In-built speakers
  • Safety features

Factors to consider when you determine to buy adjustable bed frames

Do you need single or dual adjustable beds?

Couples can opt for dual adjustable bed frames, which allow to change each side separately. Both can sleep in the same bed but adjust their positions, accordingly. If you live alone or need just a single one, then buy single adjustable bed frame. There are wide range of dimensions available.

Do you wish mobility, comfort or both?

People with decreased mobility can gain a lot of support from adjustable recliner beds, Users can raise themselves upright by just pressing a button. Thus, getting out of the bed becomes easy. While getting in the bed, they can get seated and use profiling feature and gently lower themselves to comfortable laying position by clicking a button. There are attachable grab rails for getting in or out of the bed. Certain beds include adjustable heights, which makes it easy for user to get in and out.

Weight capacity

The frame quality defines the weight capacity of adjustable bed frames. Low end bases possess low capacities, roughly 350-450lbs and the high end bases handle 700lbs, while mid-range bases can deal with 450-550lbs. Consider weight factor [alone or both] before determining the right bed frame.

Mattress options

Adjustable recliner beds are available with mattress options like pocket sprung or memory foam. Pocket sprung mattress from includes micro springs having individual pockets and is the choice of users who prefer traditional mattress type. Memory foam mattress curves to your body shape and supports the whole body.

Warranty & return policy

Warranty period differs significantly from one manufacturer to another. Some apply warranty on bed parts, especially handset and motor for some specific period. Few pro-rated warranties cover labour. Return policy are strict for adjustable bed frames. It can turn out to be costly, even if the supplier allows it. Be wary before going into an agreement.

Adjustable recliner beds can be very expensive, so take time and choose wisely! For more information you can visit here 

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