Are you enjoying the present moment, right now or is your mind clouded by memories from the past and hopes for your future? The only way to live freely, unencumbered, in a state of passionate curiosity and creative potential is to continually bring yourself fully into the present moment.

My spiritual teacher whose spirit guides me although he is no longer alive, Joel Goldsmith, spoke these words in a closed class in 1960. Joel said:

“Do not live on yesterday’s manna.”

Wikipedia defines "manna" as follows:

Manna (Hebrew…Arabic… Kurdish…Persian) sometimes or archaically spelled mana, is an edible substance that, according to Judeo-Christian and Islamic doctrine, God provided for the Israelites during their travels in the desert according to the Bible and the Qur’an.

Now you may be thinking “I don’t usually rely upon yesterday’s food because it may be stale and unhealthy.” But the true meaning goes way beyond nutritional sustenance. Manna is spiritual substance, the energetic essence needed to supply food, shelter, safety, health, clothing, finances, work, love and happiness.

In the Biblical stories, manna appeared miraculously from heaven, from an external source, without any effort on the part of the recipients. The instructions were to allow the manna to fall today, not relying on yesterday’s downfall of manna from the heavens.

The Law of Attraction explains this phenomenon in a new and more self-empowering way. Yes, the manna may appear to come from heaven or from some external source (e.g., you are hired for a new job, your boss gives you a raise, you meet the love of your life, your business succeeds, you win a competition). The possibilities of gain from an outside source are endless. It is our current thoughts and actions that lead to manna appearing in the future. All the good that comes to us beings now.

Wallace D. Wattles explains in The Science of Getting Rich, written in 1910, exactly how the manna comes to us. He explains that all of our good, all of our supply, does come from other people, from external sources. So it does come to us from outside. But here is the catch.

We are attraction magnets. We attract to us from outside the energetic equivalent of what we are sending out. Our thoughts and beliefs, our actions and reactions, our tendencies and habits, our personal and professional habits, our likes and dislikes – in other words – everything we think, feel, say and do actually guides the creation of what we will eventually have in our life.

It is not what we appear to be thinking, feeling, doing and being but it is what we are actually being, deep within our unconscious and subconscious thought processes, that brings to us the people, experiences, challenges and gifts from the outer world. We are transparent attraction magnets often mistakenly believing that we can hide some of our truth from the discerning hearts and senses of others.

One poignant example immediately comes to mind. Years ago at one of my networking events I had offered a free somatic (bodymind) session to the group. One lady came up to me and declared obstinately, “I would never want to reveal myself so openly.” But I took one look at her and realized that she was already revealing all I would want to know by her energetic field, her body language, clothing style, posture and tension patterns, attitude, tone of voice, facial expression and more. Just one look at her and she was completely exposed without realizing it.

And so are we all transparent. Why do so many of us continue to hide behind a false safety net? Why not come out into the open, express our true self transparently, and allow the wonder of life to enfold us?

What stops us from living in the present moment in all its glory and intermittent pain and sorrow? Why do we so often dwell on the past, good or bad, and blame people and circumstances for our life? And why do we plan and worry so much about a future that may never come or may arrive in a totally surprising way? Come back to this moment, now, and live freely.

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