Geneva is one of the most beautiful Swiss cities. It sits right on the banks of Lake Geneva, offering a fabulous view of the lake. It is the second biggest country in Switzerland, after Zurich, and is situated in the French speaking part of the country. It is known to be a green city with numerous bicycle paths, parks and open green spaces.

Most people come to the city on inexpensive flight tickets during winter to spend their time in one of the many ski resorts located in the city. However, you can get cheap flights to Geneva even during the summer months. Many leading airlines fly to the city, offering many options of buying cheap tickets to Geneva.

Customs and immigration check happens at the airport with Swiss precision and before you know you are already heading to the taxis that can transport you to the city center or the resort where you are booked. Many people eagerly look out of the window seat when flights are landing, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mountains and Lake Geneva. The city’s mountain is called Mount Saleve and it is visible when people are heading to the city from the airport. It is possible to reach the top of this mountain using cable cars and once you reach the summit, you can explore the numerous trails crossing it.

An interesting part of the airport is that it is possible to legally enter France using the same airport, as it is situated on the Swiss as well as the French side.

Many people have a misconception about the city, believing it to be a relatively new city. However, the city has an ancient history going all the way back to the Romans. The old part of the city is beautiful to explore on foot. It has old buildings, cobblestone streets and quaint-looking cafes and pubs. Make sure that you check out the Treille Promenade, as it affords a wonderful view of the entire city.

If you are not interested in staying at a resort, you can always check out hotels, inns, camping sites and hostels. You can find accommodation to suit your budget, regardless of how much you have kept aside. If you come to the city on a cheap airline ticket, make sure that you avoid hiring a car. Parking is limited and rather expensive. That money could be used for other things in the city. The best way to move around the city is by using the well-connected and extremely organized public transport. Make sure that you purchase a transport card for the duration of your stay, so that you can use the entire public transport network for free. You can even visit other cities from Geneva, by making use of the trains that depart from Gare Cornavin, the central railway station.

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