Few things excite a man more than the prospect of receiving oral sex, but partners facing a plain dry penis may not be as delighted about the activity. Granted, there are many partners who really "get into" giving their guy some oral gratification and are often equally sexually aroused by performing fellatio. However, for those who may need a little extra incentive, adding a little flavor to the proceedings can boost their interest without compromising proper penis care.

There’s already flavor

This is not to say that the penis doesn’t already provide its own flavor sensations. Many fellators enjoy the taste of their man’s penis without any additional flavorings added. They also are happy to swallow semen, relishing the salty taste, as well as the sweet aftertaste. (There’s a high amount of fructose in semen, which accounts for that sweetness.)

A little more

Still, and understandably to most men, some partners do not like the taste of the male organ, or like it but would enjoy tasting something a little different on occasion. For those who like to make a meal of their man, the following options (based on the five general taste categories) are recommended.

Sweet. Men can treat a partner to a taste sensation by adding pineapple to their penises. This works best with pineapple rings that have a hole in the middle, making it easy to stick an erect penis right through them and to have them hang around the member like a Hawaiian lei. The partner can nibble around these as he or she nibbles around the penis. (Word of caution: avoid getting any of the juice of the pineapple in the penile slit; it can produce burning in the urethra.) For those with a very sweet taste, donuts are also an excellent option.

Sour. Sour candy is a nice treat to use. A man can take a bag of lemon drops, lick them and stick them to his manhood, going from the base to the glans. The partner can then slowly ingest them one by one, moving up the shaft from base to tip.

Salty. So many choices, but one option a man can try is salad dressing; many have a high salt content, and their thick, liquid form is perfect for spreading on a penis. The taste will linger a while, so it can make for a prolonged oral encounter. Again, be careful that none of the dressing slides into the urethral opening.

Bitter. Marmalade has a tangy bitter taste, and its gooey consistency makes it an ideal penis spread; the small clumps of fruit also provide a texture that the partner will enjoy nibbling on.

Savory. Meat is one of the most popular savory foods, but a man’s partner is already getting enough meat by performing fellatio. Go with a vegetable option instead: spinach dip. (Word of caution: make sure the dip has cooled to room temperature before applying to the penis!) Again, the creamy texture makes it ideal for spreading on a guy’s manhood, and the iron in the dish is an added health bonus for the busy partner.

There’s no reason that a partner who is doing a man the favor of performing oral sex should be relegated to nothing but a dry penis, and these tips can help spice up a guy’s sex life. Naturally, it’s important that all remnants of food be washed away after the activity is over. Also, it’s possible that the addition of food may make a partner go a bit overboard and nibble perhaps a bit more enthusiastically than intended. A man can help soothe an over-nibbled penis through the application of a top notch penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). For proper soothing, apply a cream with a superior emollient, such as she abutter, and vitamin E, one of nature’s finest hydrators, carefully on the penis. If the selected cream also includes alpha lipoic acid, it can help offset harmful oxidative processes in penile cells.

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