Spanish food is rich in both ingredients and flavors. Saffron is the prime ingredient and spice that is used in most of the dishes. Sea Food is also vey much preferred by the Spanish people. Tapas, which are small appetizers are quite popular throughout Spain and you will find a lot of bars and restaurants offering traditional Tapas. Below are some tips on how should one enjoy a great Spanish meal.

1.Start with sangria (red wine). This drink is actually a punch that is made by mixing brandy, red wine and fruit. In case you prefer white wine then have sangria that is made using white wine. This is also a very refreshing and fruity drink that is generally served chilled as sangria is supposed to.

2.Select some Tapas or small appetizers that are available in different exotic tastes throughout Spain. You can have many of these appetizers as they are basically small bite of food that is served traditionally with drinks. You can choose between chorizos (Spanish sausages), atun (tuna), mussels or clams. These Specialties of Spain are cooked on a very slow flame of heat using different kind of spices and oils.

3.Next you should go for in a hearty soup. A Galician soup named Caldo Gallego is made using beans and this soup is much known for its enticing flavor. Most of the restaurants in Spain serve this soup.

4.Then you can choose Spanish Pella Marinera for your main course. This dish has a base of yellow rice with mussels, shrimps, lobster and clams cooked in spices. Saffron is the main spice used for bestowing yellow color and also for seasoning. A lot of Spanish restaurants also serve tenderloins and steaks in a large variety. These are generally grilled on charcoal and taste awesome.

5.You can select rice pudding that has added cinnamon or the Arroz con Leche for Desert Storm. Caramel custard or flan is another favorite amongst Spaniards as desert.

The Cuisine of Spain is famous for the variety in dishes because of differences in culture, geography and climate. The availability of seafood is highly influenced by the water that surrounds the entire country and it also reflects the deep maritime roots that the country had. Due to extensive history and a large number of cultural influences, the Spain has benefited thousands of dishes and recipes. Spanish food is also renowned for fresh ingredients and health benefits.

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