I was chatting with one of my friends who is on our Enlightenment Life List (a post at my blog. See bio for a link.)

"Gladys" was saying, "At night, I don't dream. I just go traveling around the universe, helping out as needed. Guess I'm just one of those people who don't dream."

Laughing inwardly, I offered a suggestion. "With all the years I studied with an Enlightened master, I managed to get a pretty solid theory base about Enlightenment. Even though, as you know, I'm didn't become Enlightened yet.

"Gladys, I don't think it's as simple as your being someone who just doesn't dream. Tell me if this makes sense to you.

"Here is one thing my former guru (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) said about Enlightenment: 'Men in cosmic consciousness don't dream.'

"So, Gladys, my idea is that everyone travels during the time we call 'dreaming.' Only because you're so awake, you're present to that travel. That's why you never dream any more."

Gladys thought about it. She agreed with me.

When an Enlightened person doesn't dream, that isn't like the other reasons why many people who aren't Enlightened yet don't remember their dreams. (This could be due to a lack of certain B vitamins or for psychological reasons or completely different reasons.)

Afterwards I did some thinking of my own. I thought about the really exciting, fun time we're having at the Enlightenment Life List.

(At this time it's my most popular post for comments. So many people have been proposed as Enlightened. As time permits, I respond to each comment. I read that aura from a photo link provided and decide whether or not, to my perception, that person belongs on my personal Enlightenment Life List. At this writing, the List has 74 Enlightened Folk on it, plus 99 comments.)

I thought how Gladys, though Enlightened herself, never has learned much about the state of Enlightenment. She just lives it.

Many of you Blog-Buddies may likewise wonder what it means, in practical terms, to be Enlightened. Well, here's a quiz.


How Much Do You Know About Your Future (Or Present)?
Because I believe that it is your destiny, sooner or later, to be spiritually Enlightened for keeps.

Answer TRUE or FALSE. To score your knowledge, read our very next post at my blog,"Deeper Perception Made Practical."

1. Enlightenment shows to everyone who is intuitive.

2. Enlightenment means you're not generating more personal karma any more.

3. Enlightenment is good, but you have to keep working on yourself, meditating, etc. Otherwise the Enlightenment will go away.

4. Enlightenment means you can consult with your guides whenever you wish and always get a very clear answer.

5. Enlightenment makes it easy to become rich, if you care about money.

6. Enlightenment means you can be slim and trim, if that matters to you.

7. Reading auras comes automatically when you are Enlightened.

8. With Enlightenment, you are always cheerful, happy, smiling.

9. By the time you become Enlightened, no personal ego is left.

10. A peaceful detachment is the personality signature of Enlightenment.

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