After getting the degree,what is the big move in our life? To be with friends? No,Take another semester?Definitely no.The only answer is “to be recruited in a well and reputed organization”. Recruiting the person undergoes in several process and for selecting and finding a person is not so easy.If you are applying in Australia then, I must say, you have to read and analyze the recruiter’s mind so that he/she will realise that this job was only reserve for you. These things are only happened in professional fields with a burden of more competitors. Recruiters tend to be searching for extremely specific qualities and experience in workers. When you send a resume to recruiters, instead of editing out work that doesn’t seem relevant, you’ll likely want to include as much information as you can. So you have to maintain open communication lines with your recruitment firm to make sure they have the information they absolutely need to know and to do so one must keep vital steps in their mind. First thing is “first impression is the last impression” ,just understand the motto of this word that will help you to face the recruiter. Since before the meeting, recruiter may not have known you. So, you have to make an impact in their mind by talking your organization's mission statement, history, culture and core values. Just provide an overview of how this specific position fits into you, after all, this is what candidates want to hear about. Second thing is what your vision for organization is and it can be done by researching on job position so deeply. Sometimes recruiters might not even look at your resume; no matter how good it is just explain the responsibilities of this role and also the characteristics integral to achieve success in this role or job position. This will definitely define your decision making capabilities and leadership. Third thing is to get know or talk about non-negotiable demand form recruiter. Such deal breakers can be is payment terms are sufficient? Are the work hours flexible? How many years work experience in the related field is needed? And other things.It is important to let your recruiter know. Last but not the least, whenever there is a change in plan about new developments and job description then the recruiter must know about it as soon as possible so that they can respond to your changing needs appropriately. So eventually, I would like to say that you and the recruiter have same goal that is to recruit the best person for organization and one more thing is just make sure you provide recruiters with valid information to make a successive work for you.One thing is sure that if you want to be placed in the company of your dreams then you must work hard for it and must be ready to sacrifice all your comforts for the benefit of your company;if you do so you are the person the companies are looking for.

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