Do you ever feel like you’re not where you’re supposed to be? Are you working in a field outside of your true talents? Do you feel trapped and locked in a box? Are you tired of starting projects and never finishing? Does the day seem to fly by and you feel as though nothing was accomplished?

Well I have to admit, this was I. I had so much potential, that it’s ridiculous that I had not put my wisdom and knowledge to work and better myself. I’m here to tell you that, “Enough is Enough!!! Time to Take Action and be Accountable!” I will take you through my journey of applying action and being accountable by sharing in blog entries.

So let’s start by getting an understanding of why I procrastinate, had not taken much action, and hadn’t changed my habits until now. I firmly believe it all comes down to my subconscious mind. Sub-consciously my mind is being loaded and occasionally overloaded with new information sometimes without me even realizing it.

Take driving home from work using a new route for example. During that route, there are hundreds of factors taking place that my mind is taking in and processing on a sub-conscious level… like the stop lights, the signs, people crossing the streets, thoughts I’m having from my day, waiting to see my wife and daughter, music playing in the car, what I’m going to eat when I get home, what I need to complete for tomorrow, or simply put, everything I see, hear, smell, and think.

My sub-conscious has so much input coming in daily, that when I sleep, the information that my mind has gathered, distorts the information into different memory functions of my brain. When there is information that is unknown to my subconscious mind, it is put away in the unknown category in which my mind does identify with.

My existence is formulated through known experiences and thoughts within my mind. So take learning something new in a workshop, my mind registers it as new information and it goes to the “unknown” file where it will sit until I consciously open it up and examine and/or apply it to my life and my being. I must practice implementing that new information continuously to register it in the appropriate sub-conscious section that from this point forward this information becomes a recognized experience that is beneficial to my existence and safety. When I think about it, my sub-conscious does not like the unknown; it will battle my thoughts to not change my poor habits by creating stagnate and comfortable feeling state. Thus, no action takes place because that’s where I’ve been comfortable.

So, to sum it up, I must be more consistent with creating positive habits of taking action more repetitively. This sounds easy to do, but it is also easy not to do. So, what does taking action actually mean?

Taking action means:

Identifying FEAR
Overcoming FEAR
Creating a personal SWOT analysis
Setting SMART Goals
Developing a plan to achieve goals
Implementing the plan to achieve goals
Executing the plan to achieve goals
Identifying an accountability partner
Being accountable to the plan
Revising the plan
Being receptive to criticism and feedback

As you can see, I’ve taken my first action steps by writing my first blog entry. I’m ready for change and that’s why my next entry will be very important in my process of taking action. I will discuss fears.

Author's Bio: 

Morice Mabry is owner of MasterMinding Forward, a College Business Professor, a strategic goal setting expert,
a motivational speaker, a former UC Davis collegiate football athlete who is a member of the all 90’s team of the
decade, a family man, and ultimately a man of faith.
After obtaining his Bachelors of Arts degree in sociology, he began his management career for Fortune 500
companies like Footlocker, Target, and Sears where he obtained many awards of recognition including Rookie
of the Year and Manager of the Year as well as several others.

Morice has always valued education and is continuously looking to challenge himself. Consequently, he went
back to school and obtained his Masters Degree in Business Management.
During Morice’s 10+ years as a leader in Corporate America, he was trained in many facets of Business Management

• Team Building
• Strategic Planning
• Conflict Resolution
• Leadership Development

In 2005, Morice became a college business professor teaching introductory business, marketing, diversity,
human resource management, and leadership courses at private and community colleges.
It wasn’t until after becoming an entrepreneur himself in 2009 that he realized there was a gap between the
information being taught in courses and life experiences of business professionals. Some information missing
in higher learning is in areas of:

• Personal Development
• The Mindset
• Laws of Attraction
• Goal Setting
• Having a Burning Desire To Succeed

Morice’s primary goal is to educate and train business professionals and students in the mentioned areas. The
formation of MasterMinding Forward was created to train on effective collaborative and engagement strategies
to reach personal and business objectives. He believes many professionals and students are missing these
valuable pieces of information and are held back from realizing their full potential.

Morice has extreme passion and truly operates from his heart. He is a man of integrity and conviction and
invites you to get to know, like, and trust him. Learn how he can passionately help you move your business
forward and achieve new heights in your business and personal life