Ensure you are not conned...We tend to assume that a con artist is someone who comes up to us face to face talking to us personally but nowadays most of them are online.

How do you know when an offer is a scam and when it is genuine? Simple. When there is a lot more in it for them than there is for you. Where they lie to you about the facts and leave bits out so that you get a distorted picture of the facts.

Bargain hunters are usually the people who get parted from their money because they are trying to get something that is non existent a true bargain. Nobody is going to offer you something wonderful just because it suits you.

It saddens me to see more sites springing up which offer so called free fortune telling readings. It seems genuine because they say they do not ask for money but they are asking you for your trust and your time, two very important things! I found out they are either giving you a very short free reading where they then tell you that you must have a longer and very expensive one or they tell you that you are cursed and offer to remove this (non existent) curse for a high fee. How on earth could they really stay in business if they were always working for free and why would they bother if they were popular?!

A genuine client would expect to pay for the psychic's skills and time just as a genuine psychic would not try to overcharge. One such genuine psychic is at http://www.online-psychic.moonfruit.com. She has over forty years of experience, is well qualified,offers a huge range of services and has proven she is accurate to experts and other professionals.

It would be a shame if you became suspicious but remember that strangers do not offer you bargains or something fantastic unless there is more in it for them. If they truly had something wonderful to share with somenone they would go to someone they know and share it with them. Ensure you are not conned.

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40 years of experience as a full time professional. Tested and recommended by experts, celebrities, professionals, radio and television. http://www.online-psychic.moonfruit.com.