SIDS or the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the most dreaded terms for all parents. As the name suggests, SIDS takes away the lives of many infants without knowing what the real cause of the death is. A lot of babies who died of SIDS could have been saved should their parents have known earlier about baby breathing monitor or SIDS monitor. This type of baby monitor alerts parents when their baby has not taken a breath within a certain period of time, usually around 15 seconds. This type of monitor helps parents prevent their child from dying by attending to him or her immediately once the breathing stops.

Basically, the SIDS or baby breathing monitor is a small device attached either in the clothing or diaper of the baby. There are also devices that are attached in the bedding or mattress where the baby usually sleeps. As the babies sleep through the night, the monitor keeps track of their movements including their heartbeats and breathing. Changes in the routine of movement will be monitored and when there is no movement at all for a period of time, parents will already be alerted through an alarm system.

Aside from an alarm system, there are baby breathing monitors that could emit a vibrating action strong enough to wake the baby. If the baby still does not show any movements after the vibration, this is the time that the device will trigger its alarm to alert the parents. Through this, they could immediately go and check on their child and perform any immediate actions in case of emergencies.

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