Step back in time and rent a castle for those special occasions and the maximum touch of excitement and luxuriant feeling usually associated with royalty. With such awe-inspiring architecture and rooms of beautiful antique furnishings castles are able to provide living historical lessons to their very welcome guests, whoever they may be.

With glorious views and ornate gardens, the choice of an exceptionally extravagant castle is the perfect setting to achieve the most magical and unique fairytale wedding of every girls dreams. This would certainly set the scene for a wedding to remember as there is no danger of the guests forgetting the unique feeling that a castle provides along with the serene atmosphere away from everyday distractions, making certain that you are the centre of attention on your big day. If you're really aiming high you won't find anywhere as magnificent or as grand as a castle for the most memorable wedding your guests have ever had the pleasure to attend, imagine the look on their faces when they see your enchanting venue for the very first time. With hundreds of castles holding a licence for civil ceremonies in the England and thousands across the world you really are spoilt for choice.

If you're already wed or not planning on getting married in the near future, the remote setting of a castle is the perfect place for anyone who just wants to get away from it all for a short while, allowing its modern visitors to get a real taste of a different life you are really able to unwind and forget the worries of your everyday life. Make the most of your stay and take a long walk across the acres of land while taking in the glorious view, follow this by treating yourself to a long jacuzzi bath and relax those tense muscles while thinking about the wonderful days you have left within the beautiful surroundings.

Whether you fancy a weekend away or a week long holiday this would provide the perfect group vacation that is totally unforgettable. Just imagine how amazing it would be to have the run of a place with towers to explore and ample space for a large number to dine together, get out into the castle grounds to really get the most out of your vacation, this could provide some excellent group activities whether you are visiting with family or close friends.

For the ultimate romantic getaway take a room in a four or five star hotel castle for the most luxurious of experiences. Enjoy the amazing dining experience and with most featuring indoor pools, fitness rooms, saunas and spas they combine modern technology with amazing historical architecture.

Although castles offer true glimpses into the past, their owners have very carefully renovated to provide individual bathrooms and other modern conveniences, with some including hot tubs in their suites, while others provide kitchens to allow their guests to prepare their own meals should they wish. Their staff member ensure that their guests can enjoy a luxurious stay without any effort allowing them to forget all worries within their day to day lives.

There are literally hundreds of castles of all sizes available for you to choose from. Visit to choose from their collection of exclusive use luxury castles to rent within the UK. For any occasion you wish to celebrate they provide comfort, quality and style with their properties commonly used for special events such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and weddings, or for the most exquisite breaks, whether it be a family holiday or a quiet weekend away. Visit them today to view the extravagant castles they have to satisfy your personal requirements.

The Beautiful House Company are a well established company who specialise in castles to rent for luxurious holidays, corporate events or wedding days.

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