Bouncy castles have been a part of the most successful children's parties for years now, all around the world. Also known as bounce castles or houses, jumping castles, inflatable castles and moonwalks, they guarantee any event is going to have lots of happy and laughing children. More and more events include some type of inflatable as an almost essential item! Whether a birthday, celebration, family get together or other social event, children are entertained for a long time. So here is a little advice on when you rent or buy one.

Supervise the play

It is important to make sure that whatever inflatable you decide on, it is always supervised by a responsible adult or older teenager. They are a safe space when they are used properly, but children, if left alone, tend to come with some unique and sometimes risky ways of climbing and bouncing, so supervision is needed! Make sure that you stick to the age limit that inflatable has if it is for under 12s then have another option for older children perhaps. Also, it is best that as they go in, they do so in groups of similar ages, so the 12-year-olds are not knocking over the 3-year-olds.

Not just in castle shape!

Castles might be the traditional shape, but there are many different styles, shapes, and themes now. Obstacle courses, basketball courts, large balls people can get in, slides, boxing rings, bungee runs and much more. Find something that suits your event, and the children that are coming. If you are looking for a bouncy castles sale check their condition and make sure they are of good quality in the material and the seams.

For kids and grown-ups too

If you are looking to get the adults bouncing too that is possible and even quite popular today. You need more space as the ones suitable for adults are larger. Make sure that what you buy or hire is age-appropriate. These are a great way to get adults and children laughing and interacting, enjoying themselves and being active.

Ask about return policies

Make sure you understand their return policy. When you find a bouncy castles sale it is possible that there is more damage to the seams or them material that does not show up until you get it home and inflate it. Have a look around at several options and compare prices, policies, and quality before you make a final choice.


Whatever bounce castles you decide on make sure you remember to keep it safe. Make sure there is plenty of room to set up the inflatable. Make sure there are no sharp objects that might poke at the material and do damage. Make sure the children are supervised and that they stay hydrated while having fun, but that they do not eat or drink on the actual inflatable.


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