I was broadcasting in the company of several legendary marketers… Really, a dream come true…

And it came my turn to comment on “enthusiasm”. And while I have much to say on the topic and your weal-being, HoloMagic in the moment had gifted us with the company of a very special achiever, so I deferred to the legendary Glenn W. Turner.

This is a man who, just in case you don’t know, built an international business conglomerate of 78 corporations in 27 countries, generating over $100 Million in 3 years… There’s also over 1,000 millionaires who personally swear their fortunes to their association with Glenn W. Turner.

Glenn confidently and honorably accepted the mic, thanked me graciously, and began…

"Let me talk about enthusiasm in my life. You're listening to a guy born in a charity ward from an unwed mother in 1934, who's 75 years young. And I had nothing going for me. I had no money, I had no prestige, I had no important friends. A fella that made $10,000 a year was a special person to me.

"So all I had to start with was enthusiasm, and I got excited. I got excited about a chance that I might become a multi-millionaire, and I might be happy 24 hours a day, in spite of me talking through my nose, and having an 8th grade education. I simply went out and set myself on fire, and everybody got burned in the flame I put out.

"So enthusiasm is everything. It's not “some” thing, it's EVERYTHING. It's the God within you. I have always been excited, because when you're around someone, do you want to be around somebody dragging their feet or looking down their nose—or do you want to have somebody with enthusiasm inside them?

"Excited people are enthusiastic people, and it's as simple and plain as that. If you get enthusiasm you get money, if you get enthusiasm you get happiness, if you get enthusiasm you get a lot of friends. So enthusiasm is what it's all about, fellas!"

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