Ghosts, spirits and entities are everywhere. They can show up in your car on the way home from the grocery store or follow you home and into your apartment. Entities feed off the energy of us live wires. Yes they use our energy to exist. No they are not like vampires in that they suck our blood. However, they do use our life force.
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Having attached energies or entities can make you cranky, tired and just plain bitchy. You may find yourself suddenly negative and complaining constantly when you normally are positive. You may feel like you are not yourself. And you aren't. Having attached entities can be dangerous. Many people are diagnosed as schizophrenic due to attached spirits. They can even make you feel suicidal. Many entities are deceased addicts with all kinds of behavioral issues, which unfortunately, become yours. Whatever the issue was of the spirit in their lifetime becomes yours when you have an attachment.

There are also disembodied spirits which wander around aimlessly, usually attached to a place or home. Most have no idea that they have died, like in the movie BeetleJuice. They often knock on walls, pictures and doors to try and get your attention. Yes, they want to be noticed. They want you to listen to them or tell you something. Sometimes they just want you out of "their home."

Getting rid of entities takes a professional. I have had clients who have tried everything from sage, to blessings and prayers to shouting at them with your fiercest voice. Often the entities in your home or on you are there for a reason. The reason has to be cleared first. Knowing what questions to ask and in what order is key.

Entities love clutter. Keeping your home tidy and clean has many advantages. A zen-like environment is not a good place for an entity to rest. They simply are not fond of clean tidy and organized places. Often you will notice that your previously ordered home or apartment has become a mess with boxes, piles of papers and clothing laying on floors and in closets. This is a sign you have entities.

Clearings can be done of you your family and your home and property. Jennifer does clearings remotely with your physical address.

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is a Mystic, Psychic, Energy Healer and Author. Her radio show, INTO THE MYSTIC, can be heard on Thursdays on Voice America Internet radio.

Jennifer is a powerful energy healer and intuitive. She had her own experience with entities and negative energies and is fearless when it comes to clearing. She is compassionate and direct.