This article is not only a way of providing environmental related information but also it highlights on your responsibility to save ecology & environment. Many environmental issues can be solved by using renewable energy.
Environment is an integral part of the earth. In our solar system life is only possible on this wonderful planet. This beautiful earth has gifted numbers of natural things which are most important for all living creatures. Though, it is a great responsibility for all human beings to save the environment. This is fact that the environment is vitally connected to everything we need as human beings to survive. We can not sustain our life without environment. This is very important to get update by gathering more environmental information as well as environment news. Today many mass media are providing very informative environment news and they also update you about various environmental issues.
There are many special environmental days such as Earth day, world environment day, water conservation day and many more to celebrate throughout the year. We also ponder much how to encounter several environmental issues. This is fact that we do not pay special attentions around the surroundings about how to conserve water, soil, air and many more. Several NGOs and mass media introduce environmental News & issues to consider that, if we disturb the temperature balance and rainfall patterns of the atmosphere, it will make it more difficult to grow food which leads to the starvation of millions of living beings. If we pollute water with chemicals, then we will be forced to drink chemicals and which makes our life very unhealthy. If air is polluted, we will be forced to breathe polluted air again to make our health down. This is fact that green plants are source to get oxygen to breathe. So, it appears that our life is in enormous danger situation.
In addition, we are facing enormously all types of environmental issues. Today, Global warming is one of the biggest serious issues on our earth. We are encouraging Global warming by using of fossil fuels for energy and transport, by using large scale of chemical pesticides in agriculture and other human non approved activities such as industrialization which produce lots of carbon dioxide etc. One of the big issues is plastic, which cannot be destroyed and cannot be recycled. These processes harm the environment and the ecology. Oil exploration methods can harm life of water living beings in ocean or sea due to oil spills and accidents during transportation every year in various parts of the world. Today, we have dynamic new and advanced technology which enables you conserve environment and energy.

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