Current affairs as we all know refer to the ongoing activities around us. It can refer to an incident that took place in our country or an event that will be commenced in the near future. It involves all the information about the surroundings we live in and the impact such events can have on our lives. However, current affairs cover a large area, attracting various groups of people. We learn about current affairs based on their importance and impact on our lives. Most of us, find current affairs on environmental issues, of least importance. On the contrary, environmental education is the most important knowledge which we all should be aware of. It includes, knowledge about the environmental hazards, their impact on us, how can we deal with them and the recent activities to mitigate environmental degradation. In 2011, many new strategies have been introduced by the environment activist to protect our nature.
Looking at the earlier times, it is evident that human habitation had not degraded the environment, the way it has today. Due to growing commercialization, environment has become the target of many new industries, which cut down forests, pollute the rivers and the environment. Such activates have disrupted the harmony with nature and given birth to the term ‘Global Warming’. It is one of the most serious issues to be dealt with recently, by countries all over the world. Many countries have signed treats which ensure minimum degradation of the environment. In such a scenario, what will happen if we are unaware? We need to be aware in order to judiciously use the natural resources and avoid degradation of the environment. Current affairs on the prevailing environmental threats are available in the internet, or newspapers, news channels, everywhere. They give you current information on the threats that can be caused due to the ongoing activities and also give us guidelines on how to lower the impact by changing a few habits.

Every small measure counts while working towards a greater cause. Current affairs on environmental issues will help us not only to stay aware but become part of many such organizations which contribute to the welfare of the environment. In 2011, there have been many protests against such activities which ruin our environment. We can be part of this movement and save our world from becoming a barren desert. It will be an effort for our survival and for the survival of many generations to come.

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