The worst thing in the world is to compare yourself to someone else. Why? Simple. You cannot compare how you are feeling on the inside to how you perceive another person to look on the outside. It is just not a like for like comparison.

The moment you compare yourself to another you are going down a road of being vein or bitter. Human nature is to excel and always better yourself but the problem is when you benchmark yourself against someone without a clear reason established.

You might try and emulate a celebrity, for example one of the Beckhams. The problem is if you have no intention of being a singer or a professional footballer, what are you actually looking for get from being like them? It’s not like for like.

This will actually just cause envy as these focal points of your desire have tangible assets that you will not get unless you do it for your own reasons, in your own unique way.

Below are four simple ways to bust you out of a hole when you are feeling bitter and move you to a place of self-acceptance.

1) Find out more

Your envy might just be about one particular thing in a person. What if you look a bit more into this person and find something you don’t like about them.

2) Use a nickname

This may sound childish but if you can find a bit of humor in how you feel, you can laugh about it instead of beating yourself up. This will put you in a much more productive place.

3) Pay a compliment

If you are feeling really bitter towards someone, do the opposite; find something nice to say about them. Once you pay them a compliment you change how you view them and might learn a little about yourself.

4) Accept yourself

The one thing you will always have over anyone else is your own uniqueness. No one else can be you. Your quirks and traits should be celebrated. Just accept yourself right now without any reason for doing so.

If you always do your best in life and can know this to be true then it doesn’t matter about what anyone else is up to. The only person who can judge you is yourself. Just make sure you are your own best critic and not the reviewer from hell

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