Epididymitis is a kind of epididymal inflammation caused by infection of various pathogens. It is usually divided into chronic and acute epididymitis. Acute epididymitis is characterized by unilateral testicular pain, accompanied by urinary pain and fever.

Chronic epididymitis is caused by untimely or incomplete treatment of acute epididymitis, characterized by persistent chronic pain in one testicle. The pain will radiate to the ipsilateral groin. Because the prostate and epididymis are connected through vas deferens, unilateral epididymitis is mostly caused by prostatitis.

How to treat epididymitis?

Acute epididymitis:

General management. Stay in bed, and apply scrotal support to reduce symptoms. And the large self-made scrotal support with a cotton pad will be more comfortable to use. Patients can take painkillers to deal with severe pain. Local hyperthermia can alleviate symptoms and promote the regression of inflammation. However, early use of hyperthermia can aggravate pain and promote the spread of infection, so it is appropriate to use ice bags for local cold compress in the early stage. Sexual life and physical labor can aggravate the condition, so it should be avoided.

The application of antibiotics. Select the drugs sensitive to bacteria. Usually, after intravenous administration for 1 ~ 2 weeks, oral antibiotics for 2 ~ 4 weeks to prevent chronic inflammation.

Surgical treatment. If antibiotic treatment is ineffective and suspects testicular ischemia, perform epididymis incision and decompression.

Chronic epididymitis treatment

Chronic epididymitis is a persistent disease in andrology. It is difficult to cure completely in a short time, but it is not incurable. Don't have a psychological burden. Chronic epididymitis is mostly caused by retrograde bacterial infection. Men need to find out the type of disease. Only in this way can they use symptomatic drugs.

If not effectively treated, chronic epididymitis is easy to spread infection, cause male orchitis, and form epididymitis, which will significantly impact male function and affect men's normal fertility.

Patients can choose erythromycin, doxycycline, lincomycin, and other antibiotics that quickly diffuse into the male reproductive tract for 2-4 weeks to consolidate the curative effect. Due to the drug resistance of some antibiotics, many patients began to tend to natural medicine treatment, and the more commonly used is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.

And epididymitis can cause orchitis and prostatitis without treatment. Prostatitis is also particularly easy to cause male seminal vesiculitis. The urinary system is closely related to these organs. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can treat these diseases simultaneously to avoid spreading infection and further affecting other normal adjacent organs.

Chronic epididymitis after non-surgical treatment, symptoms or frequent acute attack or suppurative epididymitis for a long time, and there is no fertility requirement, epididymis resection can be selected. Benign epithelial tumors are more common in leiomyomas and adenoid tumors, and the epididymis heals after resection.

Patients with epididymitis need to pay attention to diet and life:

First of all, during acute epididymitis, Avoid excessive sexual life and physical labor. Otherwise, it may aggravate the infection, especially when they have a frequent sexual life. In daily life, patients can prevent and alleviate the symptoms in warm water sitting baths. And control the water temperature at about 50 degrees.

At the same time, in the diet, patients are suitable to eat more vegetables and fruits containing more fiber, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, celery, etc., to keep the stool unobstructed. Avoid spicy and stimulating food, such as onion, pepper, mustard, and fennel. Quit smoking, alcohol, coffee, strong tea, and other exciting drinks.

In a word, the specific situation of epididymitis treatment will vary from person to person. However, in any case, it is necessary to further check and determine the inflammation in the body and then selectively treat it according to its inflammation.

In addition to drug treatment, patients also need to control their eating habits reasonably, often change underwear, keep clean, and fundamentally and effectively remove inflammation to achieve the ultimate radical purpose.

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