It starts as a vision that sprouts into a tiny seed, that holds the potential to grow into something that represents something stunning to us. It’s the cracking of the seedcase, the impossible emergence of the vitality of life, creation, thriving, growing reaching and bursting into light. This seemingly impossible journey is nurtured by what seems to be a miracle, and that miracle comes from your heart….

This intention is not just about sheer willpower, or even ‘promises’ we make, but the consistent energy that recognizes the ‘every day epiphanies” and our faith that if these small miracles can occur, so can our vision of our heart, what we believe is possible with every fiber of our being. As our vision is aligned with our heart, our true intentions become known to the universe and somehow it is supported, nurtured, evolves and grows.

The more heart-based our decisions are, the more conscious we are of our choice, right now, the more aligned to our vision we are and our intention becomes known. The Soul knows and loves the Truth, and the stronger our relationship is with our inner truth, the clearer we become about our intentions related to our deeply rooted vision of the heart.

We know this is true when our heart sings, breathes and dreams this vision into life. We actually feel the tender shoot of life unfurl in our center. It flutters with excitement and stretches the boundaries of the chambers of our heart. This is part of the miracle, this love fed sapling knows without being told when to grow, how to grow, nourished solely by our faith and belief that it is so. Our heart based intention becomes the life-line that nourishes and guides our next step as we trust the seed to perform its miracle. We begin to align our outer life with our inner life.

Being present and aware of our intentions becomes our inner guide, providing the light needed to lead the way. Through this we can choose whether or not this next step will bring us closer to our heart, or lead us toward another path. The more aligned we are to our heart based intention the more we can genuinely manifest what is True for us, giving us the power to manifest our life from the inside out. When you are clear about your intentions, you know how to nourish the seedling, having faith that it in turn will grow through grace and authenticity.

Author's Bio: 

Debbie is one of the few select individuals worldwide that Denise has chosen to personally train in her specialized methods of coaching.

She has been a gifted elementary school teacher, and Children’s Librarian. Once her family was raised, Debbie once again took a breath and focused on creating the life she wanted to live.

Service to others has always been paramount to Debbie and after committing to a spiritual path, she attended The University of Metaphysical Sciences, receiving her Master’s there. Debbie then attended classes through Lightwork Seminars International, receiving certification in Hypnotherapy, Theta healing and as a NLP Life Coach.

Attending Denise Linn’s exclusive Soul Coaching certification program put all the other tools Debbie had been gathering into perspective and put her intention to serve into focus. Clearly Soul Coaching has it all!