Wedding photography in Vancouver is considered an art wherein the photographers focus on skills and the application of right tools as well. Being familiar with the procedures, traditions and minor details; a quality camera is equally an important requirement to carry out any wedding to completion.

Through this article, we’ll come to know more about the camera which a professional photographer uses to click beautiful moments of wedding.


Lenses are available with different aperture but the one with the aperture of f/2.8 or larger is ideal for weddings. One of the best things about such aperture based lenses is that they can be used in available light, dimly lit reception halls or even in dark churches. The camera comes with the feature of flash but some locations have restrictions to not go for flash photography, thus the photographers take this point always into account.

Zoom feature

A set of three zoom lenses are used by most of experts including a wide-to-tele zoom, a wide-angle zoom and the last one is an image-stabilized telephoto zoom. The wide angle zoom makes capturing of images possible in confined spaces like a packed dance floor, dressing room, etc. It can be said that a sense of expansiveness is created by the wide angle zoom.

The wide-to-tele lens is the most important lens for wedding photography services. Other than a three-quarter portrait of a couple, the wide to tele lens is ideal to capture a group photograph and there is a minimal chance of wide angle perspective distortion. High quality f/2.8 wide-to-tele zooms are found in modern cameras. Being smaller, the lenses are less expensive.

To take 3/4 length images of groom and bride, the experts opt for the application of an image-stabilized telephoto zoom.

Prime lenses

The situation in wedding wherein an f/2.8 aperture does not helps in finding shallow depth of field or motion-stopping shutter speed due to any technical or artistic reasons; prime lenses are used by the photographers. To work in a crowded spaces, the 28mm prime lens are used and to click the moments of dancing couple or small groups the 50mm prime lens is good to use.

Thus, from the above discussions it can be said that the performance and success of photography services depend a lot on camera coming with ideal aspects including lenses, zoom feature and prime lenses. Adding to it, the experienced wedding photographers also consider the quality of tripods & monopods, light stand weight bags, battery packs and other equipment they use.

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