No prior preservation experience necessary being we have lighter/easier work (grass cuts, inspections, ect) to train less experienced field technicians.

Over the past 13 years, our company has acquired a large network of longterm relationships with a host of national mortgage lenders to inspect, maintain, and fix up foreclosed REO homes throughout the South East of the United States and looking for a field technician who can perform both small and large handyman/landscaping/inspection/home repair approval work, pricing out the majority of additional needed work or services found during the visit that you are interested in completing (We can price out damage/issues/work that you do not perform and find 3rd party contractors to complete as necessary as long as you provide sufficient photos of the issue/damage property). Being we work on all aspects of the home, interior as well as exterior, we are looking for reliable, honest, well-rounded individuals who are good with their hands and possess the following to start:

1. Truck/Trailer (or the ability to move debris, materials, equipment around)
2. Basic Landscaping Equipment
3. Teamleader is able to pass a background screening
4. Able to communicate and work with deadlines/due dates
5. 300k Liability Insurance (not required until 30 days after finishing your first work order)

Smartphone & Laptop/Computer

Air compressor & generator, HUD knob locks/deadbolts, and basic home maintenance/repair tools will be required to expand types of orders you can execute and guarantee a higher volume of work but is not necessary to begin work.

You will make your own daily schedule and routing, price most other needed work/services found on properties, get paid twice a month for work completed the month prior, and being we employ 100+ contractors we can also offer discounts through several popular material supply channels.

For questions or to be considered for this position please send us your contact info (phone/email), prior work history (informal resumes are ok), and general location.

30 Yard Cuts (With potential for more)

We are looking for someone who is able to cut 25-30 yards, this can be a onetime gig or on a bi-weekly basis if everything goes smoothly.

Yards have been cut in the last 3 weeks and will be less than 1 acre (43,500 sq ft), we give you fewer yards to start out with if needed.

You will be able to also price out any other work found on the property that you are interested in completing including trimming, removing, & shaping trees & bushes, repairing/tarping roofs, painting/pressure washing, boarding windows, covering pools, mold mitigation, and any other work or services we can do to the home or property.

Please be able to upload photos of your visit and work using PPW (Property Preservation Wizard), there are training videos online and in the system once logged in) being we will need 40-60 photos (exterior only) for each property, more details will be provided if interested.

We have been in the area for 10+ years and have cultivated a huge network of homes to service and looking for long term help to service being we are very overwhelmed and can not keep up with new work.

We service vacant foreclosed homes and due to major issues with our economy we are becoming very backed up and looking for someone who can complete inspections, lock changes, cut grass (includes weed eating and edging), trimming/shaping bushes/trees, removing debris, tarping roofs, and any other services you may offer to put the home back in original condition.

This is a deadline driven 1099 position, meaning you will be using your own equipment and able to give us your pricing (as bids) for most home repair, handyman, and landscaping work, and will be able to complete work as you choose (as long as the job is completed by the set due date or communicate with us if there are delays and more time is needed).

Background check and 300k insurance is required after 30 days, pay is every 2 weeks and we can start assigning work out immediately (once you understand the clients photos requirements and can upload your results in PPW).
Please provide a resume or your past relatable work history, email and phone number, and current location (to verify we have work around you) so we can get you started.

Property Preservation Field Rep-Deadline driven

Being a family-owned company with over a decade of property preservation and field asset management experience we have cultivated relationships with over 140 Nationwide companies who relies on our experience, care, and due diligence to inspect, maintain, and repair millions of dollars of assets.

Through hard work, focus, and integrity we have built (and continue to build) a network of client based relationships and for the individuals who possess the same qualities monthly earning can easily be 10k or more.

Prior experience is not necessary as long as a strong willingness to learn and work is present and evident. For new individuals (or companies) insurance needs to be obtained within the first 30 days of your first work order (but can be acquired in most states with minimum cost starting around $30 a month).

Required equipment that is needed to begin work is:

1. Truck/Trailer
2. Mower
3. Smartphone
4. Computer
5. Clean background check (Required by banks)

Willingness to Learn and Communicate

Additional equipment (HUD coded locks, air compressor & generator, and basic home maintenance/repair tools) may be useful to expand types of orders you can execute but is not necessary to begin work.

Job descriptions consist of taking/submitting bids and photos of REO proprieties, meeting deadlines, effective communication, and executing daily work orders (which can include building/yard maintenance and repair, changing locks, home clean outs, and winterazations).

If you are interested in acquiring additional information about this position please respond with a basics resume (or work portfolio) and include contact information and areas you wish to service.

Being seasoned experts in the industry we can develop and train interested individuals or crews if necessary.

We are a REAL company with REAL work available and we are looking for people who REALLY want to build a business and REALLY have a desire to learn and earn money.

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