Planed investment will earn you more higher ROI than arbitrage investment. There are still so many investors in stock markets, who first make investment and then look for tips on their invested counter. This is entirely wrong practice still being followed vastly by individual investors and traders. Irrespective of whether you are a small investor looking for long term investment or HNI short term investor or even day trader you must plan your investment strategies.

Following technical calls or tips on stocks prove to be handy as it's a well proven thing that technical tips are more accurate and give more clear vision for investors or traders on support resistance levels of individual stock or index. Targets are defined as well as stop losses are, which provide investors with a good idea on deciding over risk factor for a particular investment.

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I am associated with technical analysis of Indian stock market since last 11 years and posting my views and suggestions on Indian stock market on day to day basis on some good forums and on my web site where I publish my posts every trading day pre-market