How does anyone find comfort when they are always hurting? Does everyone have their own solutions for getting rid of pain?

I use to take my mind off my pain by sinking into my favorite armchair and just sitting and reading a book, watching a film on TV; or eating something wildly decadent, like a bowl of vanilla ice-cream with loads of nuts and chocolate chips folded into it! In other words, I am seeking internal comfort in the way that I want to feel.

Seeking comfort is how everyone wants to feel in daily life, without the guilt of wasting time; or burdening our bodies with unnecessary calories, that don't do more than expand our waistline!

When we are physically hurting, it is important to discover why we hurt. It is OK to slap on a heating pad on, take a couple of Tylenol, or place some ice on the painful area; or even buy ergonomic products like ergonomic chair that promise to erase your pain. Not so, as the pain will return, when the effect of the remedy wears off and you are back to square one.

We need to discover how we got the pain in the first place. There are two causes of chronic pain:

1) Is damage from unhealed trauma which has never been resolved, such as a fracture, a strain or a damaged ligament. Any of these will introduce repetitive negative movement patterns that will just aggravates the pain.

2) The other is through is weight gain that causes incorrect skeletal alignment and will change the way we move our body. Then our skeletal bones will deteriorate and erode more rapidly; because our skeletal body is not designed to accept more than a standard weight for our height.

We can't choose these events from happening, but we need to know how and why they happened; before we can determine how we can help ourselves. I am assuming that you have been through the medical process of treatment and nothing has worked on a permanent basis. This is because when it comes to chronic pain, there is only a limited amount that doctors can do that cures pain. The first is prescription of pain killers or an injection of cortisone that erases the pain, but the pain still returns.

For me, no painkillers got rid of the pain in my back, nor my hands and the only treatment that was effective was the cortisone shot into my thumbs and this only last 4 weeks, but I had to wait 5 months to get another injection - so how valuable is that??

Typically there are two directions for pain relief:

1) Temporary relief, such as taking pain medication like Tylenol or a soluble aspirin, a cortisone injection; or maybe putting an ice pack or a heating pad on the painful area. However, the pain will return, unless you repeatedly keep taking the pills or keep using the heating pad and ice pack. The pain soon returns, when the treatment the measure wears off.

Visiting a physiotherapist will show you how to manage your pain using all these prophylactic treatments, as well as teach you exercises that will strengthen the muscles surrounding the affected skeletal joints, so that your movements remain safe.

2) Permanent relief, which is medical surgery which is not without risks, if you have other medical problems and only recommended it the pain interrupts your daily functioning in life. A more less risky alternative, which involves no surgery is to permanently change the way you move, that will eliminate your pain completely.

The final permanent option is what I chose to do and it is for, the most successful. However, it can be more difficult if you are not motivated to change your movements. Bad habits are difficult to overcome a the best of time, they just need more repetition of the good habits, which are by using ergonomic movements and using ergonomic chair until the correct movements become ingrained into your daily life.

However, the rewards are so much greater, because your body will move easier and appreciate the balanced action without exerting much energy. Then you will wonder why you will wonder why you never thought of moving this way before!

Author's Bio: 

The author Gail McGonigal owns a website called Active Living Solutions Ltd that is creating an entirely new niche market of comfortable solutions for consumers with chronic pain that want to remain productively active, but comfortable in daily living. Gail is a retired but qualified Occupational Therapist, who has lived through chronic back pain with sciatica and hand pain from severe osteoarthritis. Gail wants to show you how, by using her ergonomic products, you can reduce chronic pain by 95-100%. This is through learning correct skeletal movements that enable for comfortable and safe balance, as well as drinking ionized water that heals chronic pain. She is selling ionized water as an affiliate on her website with a potable ionized water filter for you to experience the water without purchasing an expensive one that attaches to your taps
If you need more advice about the products, please email Gail directly on her email address on her website and she will happily provide you with a toll free number, so that you can talk freely to her about her ergonomic solutions.