Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - A Symptom of Heart Disease
This essay addresses the main causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) and impotence. Impotence and ED are allot more common today than they were a few decades ago for many reasons.
The first reason is hormonal imbalances and lower testosterone levels caused by higher stress levels, pesticides used in food production, lack of key nutrients in our food, hormones used in the meats we eat, reduced amount of physical exercise and a higher amount of fat in our bodies.
Hormonal imbalances, because of aging and our environment, cause physical symptoms of erectile problems as well as emotional problems which cause lower sex drive, libido, and a diminished desire to have sex. Hormones effect us both emotionally and physically.
Some men with erectile dysfunction still have normal sex drive and desire but are either unable to achieve an erection or have difficulty maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse. Usually this is due to a vascular problem rather than a hormonal problem. Vascular problems are caused by poor blood flow and poor blood circulation.
For a person to achieve an erection there are three conditions that must take place. First, the blood circulation to the penis must be sufficient. Second, there must be stimulus from the brain and third, the nerves to the penis must be performing properly. If something is disrupting any or all of these conditions then a full erection will be prevented.
There are other diseases that can cause erectile dysfunction but the number one disease causing ED is vascular disease. Vascular disease is responsible for more than 65% of all the physical related causes of erectile dysfunction.
Vascular diseases effect your blood vessels and can restrict blood flow to the heart, brain and penis (ED). The hardening of your arteries, atherosclerosis, is the primary reason for erectile dysfunction in men over age 55. The latest research indicates the men with ED also have heart problems. Therefore, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a warning sign that you are a candidate for a future stroke or a heart attack. ED further indicates that you have a calcium and plaque buildup in your arteries which is the root cause of atherosclerosis.
There are ways to improve your blood flow naturally. As we get older our circulation gets worse. Poor circulation affects your entire body both inside and outside. Your blood contains oxygen, nutrients and youthful hormones which feed all of the cells in your body. So improving circulation is necessary for better health and a longer life.
Improving your life-style is a good way to begin. So everyone should eliminate fried fats from their diet and begin eating raw fats such as, seeds, avocados, raw nuts, fish oils, extra virgin olive oils etcetera. Also we should eat less meats and consume more cage-free poultry and wild caught fish. Eat more soluble fibers like fruit, beans, oats and peas. Try taking some fiber supplements. Eliminate all dairy products, sugars and caffeine from your diet, stop smoking and exercise more. In addition, get more rest and manage your stress levels. Life style changes do take time to achieve the benefits desired so be patient and be persistent. Without addressing these issues in your lifestyle things will only get worse.
For faster results you can try taking some vitamins, minerals and herbs which will help with your health situation - specifically to improve your blood flow, circulation and at the same time strengthen your vascular system, making your blood vessels more flexible and thus helping to prevent strokes and heart attacks. A healthier heart and mind will lead to stronger and harder erections.
Some of the important supplements you can take are vitamins C, E, D3, K2-7 and wells as calcium and a good blend of magnesium. Take the amino acids N-Acetyl Cysteine, a good carnitine blend. "N-acetyl cysteine comes from the amino acid L-cysteine. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. N-acetyl cysteine has many uses as medicine." (Thesaurus) Some helpful extracts are ginger, green tea and white willow.
Improving your hormones and you blood flow, circulation, will dramatically improve your sex drive and fix your erectile dysfunction problems. Your penis will definitely find new life!

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