In today’s world, there are a number of challenges that a lot of men are trying to deal with. One thing that a lot of men are struggling with is their own emotions and another thing is erectile dysfunction.

To have one of these challenges would be enough, so to have both of them can be a lot for a man to handle. And not only can both of these challenges be a lot to handle; they can also be things that a man can keep to himself.

Weighed Down

Two areas of their life are then not going to be going as they want them to go, yet it won’t be enough to push them in the right direction. Ultimately, he will be choosing to suffer in silence.

He may believe that if he was to open up about how he feels, it would mean that he is weak. Opening up about what is going on down below could be seen as something that will lead to a very similar assessment being made about him.

The Big Picture

It is then going to be essential for him to be able to step back from what is taking place in his head and to focus on what his life will be like if he doesn’t do anything about what he is going through. If he has emotional problems it doesn’t mean that he is weak; it simply shows that he is human.

He deserves to get the assistance that he needs to move forward, but this will only happen if he reaches out for support. And if he has trouble getting an erection, it will be just as important for him to reach out.

It Can’t Be Hidden

If the man is not in a relationship and is not having casual encounters either, he won’t have to worry about another person finding out about what is going on. This can allow him to avoid a lot of discomfort.

However, through not allowing themselves to get this close to anyone, it will can cause him to suffer. He may also be in a relationship with someone and do what he can to put sex off in order to prevent his partner from realising what is going on.

Any Age

This man could have been on this planet for a fair amount of time or he could be at the beginning of his life. What this illustrates is that this is not a problem that only affects older men.

If he is not at the beginning of his life, it could show that he has high cholesterol or that his hormones are out of whack, for instance. So, once he takes a lot at what is going on here and does something about it, he could be back up and running.

Too Much Going On

Then again, there is the chance that his life is not very harmonious at this point in time and this is why he is in this position. His body can then be numb, preventing him from being as responsive as he would be otherwise.

The emotional part of his being is then going to be playing a part in how the physical part of his being is responding. In this case, once his stress levels start to decrease this part of his body should return to how it was before.

All Ages

If a man is at the beginning of his life, he might not have trouble with cholesterol but he could still have hormones that are not as they should be. This could be the result of the medication that he is taking.

What could also affect his hormones is if he is going through a stressful time. Lowering his stress levels or changing his medication can then allow him to get back on track.

A New Challenge

At the same time, he could be this way because he watches too much porn. Through consuming so much of it, he may have become desensitised to normal sexual interactions.

Therefore, for him to be able to become aroused once again, it will be vital for him to cut down on the amount of time he views this type of material. This is not going to be easy, but it will transform his life.

Another Factor

Irrespective of how old a man is there may have been a time in his life when he wasn’t able to perform, and this experience could be triggered whenever he gets physical with someone. His conscious mind may have forgotten about what took place but it will still affect him.

This early experience could also cause him to experience a fair amount of anxiety before he even gets physical. Below this anxiety could be the fear of being rejected and seen as worthless.

Further Back

When a man is unable to get an erection he is likely to feel impotent, meaning that he won’t feel as though he is an empowered human being. Now, although this will relate to his ability to perform sexually, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this experience has its root in anything sexual.

The first time that he felt this way may have been during his early years, with this being a time when he regularly felt powerless and helpless. This may have been a time in his life when he experienced some kind of abuse and/or neglect.

The Past Is Present

Maybe this was a time when his mother got too close to him, which would have violated his boundaries and caused him to feel smothered. Once again, his conscious mind might not remember any of this but his unconscious mind (body) will be only too aware of what happened.

Getting close to someone is then going to trigger how he felt all those years ago, causing his lower body to shut down in the process. He would have experienced what is often described as ‘emotional incest’.


If a man did experience trauma during his early years, he may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

Even if this is not something that he can relate to, he will still need to do something about what is going on for him. This will be something that his future self will thank him for.

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