One can find many institutions, training centers and coaching centers for ERP courses, eligibility and fees may differ depending upon the course, duration and location of the institute. ERP consultants are in demand nowadays as more and more big or medium organizations are switching on to ERP software for improving their functioning, increasing productivity and increasing profit margins. But success of an enterprise resource planning software immensely depend on its implementation and maintenance, this is where ERP consultants become very important for business organizations and companies want to hire more efficient and capable professionals.

These companies can offer very handsome pay package as cost of enterprise resource planning software can run in millions and companies understand that role of a good consultant can be very crucial in making it a success. Apart from ERP using companies even ERP software providing companies like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft provide training and certification courses in order to create more and more capable professionals in the market who may help their buyers to run their ERP successfully which popularizes their product and also increase their credibility in the market.

ERP courses, eligibility and fees vary greatly depending upon the quality of the course and the institution providing it. Mostly institutes have graduate or post-graduate degree as basic eligibility for ERP courses, in case of some special courses like SAP ABAP the eligibility can be a technical degree like BE, B tech etc. Institutes also offer module based ERP courses, eligibility and fess for such courses is low and less. Some of the popular ERP courses like Finance, Sales and Marketing, SCM, Human Resource etc demand a simple graduate degree in relevant stream as eligibility and charge fees lesser than 10,000 INR.

However institutes or centers directly established by ERP providing companies or offering courses under strict guidelines of such companies may charge more money as fees. Apart from ERP courses, eligibility and fees the duration of courses also vary greatly, the duration of courses can run from days to months, usually short term courses are offered to senior managers and officials of organizations in order to acquaint them with the concept, requirements and capability of the enterprise resource planning software.

Some reputed institutes and Universities also offer graduate ERP courses, eligibility and fees is also high and student has to pass a test before getting admission. The test contains questions which assess student's aptitude and problem solving skills. University of Australia offers one such course and Oracle offers Business Suite 11i certification in this category. One needs to make exhaustive research before choosing ERP course according to one's abilities and future planning. In India one can find ERP courses, eligibility and fees matching everyone's criteria, there are number of private institutes,

Universities and training centers of reputed companies like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft provide all type of short term and long term ERP courses. Online training and courses are also available these days, in case of online ERP courses, eligibility and fees is very low and relaxed though these courses are more suitable for people who want to gain some extra knowledge to excel in their respective fields rather than to those who want to make career as ERP consultant.

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