Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are constantly evolving and improving to help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively. Businesses utilize ERP to streamline and automate tasks as well as to provide insightful data to help make smarter decisions in a timelier manner.

Cloud-Based Solutions: As with most many things, business solutions are moving to the cloud even more so now following the pandemic. Being able to access systems off-premise is a huge benefit, not to mention the lower costs, increased flexibility, customization options and more.

Two-Tier Systems: Two-tier ERP is a solution that allows businesses to leverage their existing ERP systems at the corporate level (tier 1), while subsidiaries and divisions operate using a different ERP solution (tier 2), which is typically cloud-based. This approach can be less costly and simpler to implement rather than reworking the entire corporate system, especially for businesses that are growing quickly.

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